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  1. AmericanEagle575

    Well it Came.......

    Finally received (no pun intended, LoL ) my brand new Uniden Home Patrol 536,Can't wait to set it up!! Steve
  2. AmericanEagle575

    Thinking about buying a new digital Police scanner!!

    Good Morning, well I'm thinking about purchasing a new scanner for my Radio Desk and I have my choices narrowed down between 2: 1: Uniden Home Patrol 536 Base or 2: Uniden Home Patrol 2 Would appreciate info, opinions, pro's and Cons on each from anyone who has one or has owned one in the...
  3. AmericanEagle575

    Siro 2008

    Well my New Siro 2008 finally came today,now just waiting for a Nice Stretch of warm weather and in-between my work schedule to get this up and running!!
  4. AmericanEagle575

    New Base antenna on the way!

    Good afternoon, just ordered a Siro 2008 to replace the antron 99 I currently have on a five foot mast located on top of roof of my House,hoping to install it during the summer time when it gets warmer!!! From what I hear and have read,it's a better performer than the 99 overall,will be curious...
  5. AmericanEagle575

    Mounting Base station CB antenna

    Thinking about in the summer when the weather is nice,of moving my antron 99 from the vent pipe where I currently have it mounted,to getting a 3 foot heavy duty roof tripod and moving towards a higher part of the roof. The question is: how high of a mast can I safely use without having to use...
  6. AmericanEagle575

    Just ordered a Delta M2 desk mic.......

    Good Morning Radio Friends,. Well since I just rearanged my base setup,of course I felt I needed to add a New mic, LoL, Seriously though I read the reviews on it and it seems like a good mic,but I wanted to hear from any forum members who have this Mike and have used it, your thoughts please,I...
  7. AmericanEagle575

    Changed up my base setup!!

    Well I finally got a bigger table and was able to make some changes on how things were set-up in my Shack!! Hope all of my Radio friends out there have a Merry Christmas from my Family to your's!! AE# 575
  8. AmericanEagle575

    Just ordered a desk mic for my Ranger 2995DxCF!

    Good evening Radio folk's, Just ordered a brand new astatic 878DM for my base station, pretty good price I thought off eBay,looking forward to getting it on Friday!!!
  9. AmericanEagle575

    Brand New Base Set up

    Well Radio Friends, after being under the Weather last week, finally got the time tonight to set up the new base station!! Checked the Swr using the built-in meter and it came up 1.0 on channel 1& 1.1 on channel 40,so I was happy with that,it's nice having everything in one Base unit so to...
  10. AmericanEagle575

    Question about microphones and the Ranger2995DxCF!

    Hello Radio Friends, well I got me a question concerning which mic I should use with my new radio,in the past I have used on my Galaxy Saturn ( back in the 90's) and my Ranger 2950 current base set up( haven't set up the new Rig,still in the box as I was under the weather for almost a week and a...
  11. AmericanEagle575

    Just ordered a brand new Ranger 2995Dx CF off eBay!

    Well Radio Friends,I finally decided to get a new base station,been looking at the Ranger 2995DxCF for sometime now( reminds me of the Galaxy Saturn base station I used to have back in the 90's starting out in the hobby) it came with free shipping and will already be converted and tuned for 11...
  12. AmericanEagle575

    New year,new radio set up kinda

    Well Radio Friends,as you can see I switched out the Uniden 980 and got the Ranger working as my new Base Radio!! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year!! AE# 575 listening on 27.385 LSB...................... Steve
  13. AmericanEagle575

    Redid the coax cable on my Antron 99!!

    Good Morning my Radio Friend's,well I decided to change out my cable from RG 8 to RG 213 and go from 50 ft down to 25 ft as that's all I needed from the roof to the window of my room where I have The station set up!! I noticed my Swr went from 1.5 on 1 and 40 to flat 1.0 on both. The cable I had...
  14. AmericanEagle575

    Getting my mobile unit set up!

    Well Radio Friend's,I'm in process of putting a compact CB in my car hooked up to a Wilson 1000,and I'll be using a Rk 56 or a Cobra power Mike, haven't decided which mic to use with this radio!! Had originally thought about either getting another Uniden 980 or using the Ranger 2950 that I have...
  15. AmericanEagle575

    Had to order a new Power Supply to run my Uniden 980

    Well Good evening Radio Friends, Well I finally broke down and ordered a new Power Supply to run my radio at home! I found on eBay a brand new Pyramid PS8kk 6 amp power supply for only $39.99 and free shipping!! The one I have been running is a cheap used radio shack 25 amp switching power...
  16. AmericanEagle575

    Finally got my Base Station up and Running!!

    Well good afternoon Friends, as you might remember in my last post,I was slowly starting to put together my base station,well there's been a change in radios,went from the Ranger 2950 to the brand New Uniden 980 and the receive is night and day from the Ranger , it's so much better on the...
  17. AmericanEagle575

    My base station coming together!

    Good evening Radio Friends, Well this is a pic of my base station coming together slowly, A Ranger 2950 hooked up to a 25 amp power supply,a Radio shack pro 652 digital scanner and a shortwave radio!! I have on order a brand new Antron 99 antenna coming,and I already have 50 feet of rg8 cable on...
  18. AmericanEagle575

    RE: K40 trunk lip antenna

    Well about a month ago,I had said that I was thinking about getting a k40 trunk lip antenna because I didn't want to use mag mount antenna anymore, and I had come to this forum to ask for advice,and I wanted to let you know I decided against buying the k40 and instead I was able to find a mount...
  19. AmericanEagle575

    K40 trunk lip antenna

    Good afternoon, well I got new car( a 2012 Suzuki kizashi SE awd)and have decided to move in a different direction in way of mobile antennas. I have always used Wilson cb antennas since the early 90s( lil Wil,500,1000) all mag mounts,but I want to try a trunk lip mount as so I don't scratch the...