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  1. sp5it

    Radio in Payback 1999 movie

    Anyone recognise this set? What CB is on top, what is on the bottom? Mike
  2. sp5it

    Base ID this antenna please

    Anyone recognize? Cheers, Mike
  3. sp5it

    Meet my new dummy load :)

    This baby can handle 1.2kW carrier 24/7 :) Just finished swapping connector from russian military to so239. Added wheels, because it is 20kg box. AA battery for a scale. Mike
  4. sp5it

    WTB Icom IC-W32 or Yaesu FT-530

    As in subject. Shipping to SP land. Pristine condition, anyone? Mike
  5. sp5it

    Anyone recognize that radio?

    From movie: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7888964
  6. sp5it

    Cebik website backup

    Hi. Since his website is gone maybe someone have it backed up and could share? Mike
  7. sp5it

    New 667V issues

    Hi guys. Is it already converted? A friend sent mi that amp to do conversion, but it seems it's already done. Mike
  8. sp5it

    Quality Icom/Kenwood microphone plug where?

    Hello. Maybe someone can help. I want to buy a few quality microphone plugs as on images . Any source for those? Mike
  9. sp5it

    28MHZ RDF antenna

    Hello. New month, new challenge. Can anyone point me to antenna I could use to locate noise source on 10m? I got CB handie I could put antenna on and trace it. I thought about small loop or ferrite rod antenna to get as much directivity as I can. Any ideas/links guys? MIke
  10. sp5it


  11. sp5it

    Where to buy dual potentiometers?

    Hi. I need to buy couple of dual potentiometers Micgain/Rfgain 1kA/1kB and Fine/Coarse 20kB/1kB used in Galaxy and many other radios. With shipping to Poland. Can anyone help? Best regards, Mike
  12. sp5it

    Identify this Ranger PSE

    ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting Anyone can put some light? Mike
  13. sp5it

    Wilson antenna stud help needed

    Wilson Antenna Heavy Duty CB Antenna Stud Mount (305-610) Antenna Mounts & Studs | Wilson Antennas Can someone buy that for me somewhere nearby, put into bubble envelope and send to Poland? Can pay via paypal. In my country they are not avalaible. Mike
  14. sp5it

    [WTB] HTX100 SSB filter

    Hi. I'm looking for HTX100 SSB crystal filter. PM me if you have one for sale. Mike
  15. sp5it

    Where to buy 10k...

    ... with shipping to Poland? I need 3-5 of them with discount price ;) Mike
  16. sp5it

    Predator 10k vs shaft length

    Hi. Before I will order one I would like to know. What is advantage to have 27" shaft over 17"? Antenna will be mounted on the roof of my car. i want best performance i can get. So... which one to get? 22 or 17... or maybe different antenna? I already have 1.8m bottom loaded antenna...
  17. sp5it

    [WTB] 667V

    ...with shipping to Poland. Mike
  18. sp5it

    Wanted: UTAC TRX-500 SM or schematic

    Hi. I got not working UTAC TRX-500. Version with led channel display. Deaf, not switching tx/rx. Missing crystals from VHF. Radio is switching on, channel display is working. I need service manual or schematic for this radio, nothing found via google. Thanks, Mike
  19. sp5it

    Channel guard and NB problem

    I bought second hand CHG module. Problem is that when it is installed as Lou described: "Remove C57. (IN = L10, OUT = L11/C58.)" is working, but Noise Blanker action is very weak. Especially on SSB, radio is getting all the pulse noise around. Lou wrote: "This is a common problem in all the...
  20. sp5it

    RCI6900F150 problem with bias and modulation

    Hi. Customer brought today RCI 6900F150 to tune. I connected dummy load, pramplified mic and noticed no diffrence between stock and new one. No response for AM mod pot VR17, limiter in place. So I removed limiter - no diffrence. Strange. I disconnected PA module, power went down (no...