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  1. hookedon6

    study confirms QRMers are bad people

    Study Confirms QRMers Are Bad People | Ham Hijinks NEWINGSTEAD, Vt. — Results of a worldwide study have confirmed what many ham radio operators have suspected all along: people who purposefully interfere with other transmissions are psychopaths. The study, conducted over the course of one...
  2. hookedon6

    that light WAS green when I went thru it!

    "Officer the light was GREEN not pink!" If your brain works normally this is neat. This is another example of an amazing illusion! The last sentence is so true. If your eyes follow the movement of the rotating pink dot, the dots will remain only one color, pink. However if you stare at the...
  3. hookedon6

    QRM on 28.850 MHz

    anyone else hearing the QRM on 28.850 +/-? I hear two different transmitters sending a single tone back and forth to each other. I only hear them when the band is open to europe for F2 propagation. one transmitter is often s9+40 and the other s9+20.:mad: I have tuned around and I can't...
  4. hookedon6

    which U.S. president are you?

    http://www.buzzfeed.com/laraparker/w...sident-are-you My result- You got: Andrew Jackson You’ve never been given handouts and for that, your success tastes so much sweeter. You may be given great power, but you have the great responsibility to handle it. You always do what you think is best...
  5. hookedon6


    I see MR CQ is making friends on another forum http://forums.qrz.com/showthread.php?389676-THE-10-10-Clown-on-10-meters what a GOMER he is:ohmy:
  6. hookedon6

    CQ WPX contest

    the CQ WPX contest coming up at the end of this month. CQ WPX Contest - Rules This is one of my favorite contests because it's not about DX - it's about your call sign prefix. My call is ND6M, so "ND6" is the "entity" that you're working, and it's fairly rare - only 25 active calls in ULS...
  7. hookedon6

    10 - 160 AM operation

    some of you AM'ers may want to play this weekend. I may try around 29.000 -29.200 on my riceburner:biggrin: note: if you are a TECH, you do not have A.M. fone privs , (or any privs above 28.500), so get a "control operator" and come out an play heck, if you follow the linky, there is even...
  8. hookedon6

    I just worked a TECH in alaska

    .... that had a valid 2 x 2 callsign. just spinin the VFO a few minutes ago and got into a QSO with an person in ALASKA with a 2 x 2 call. I don't normally look up calls to check the class but, after what he told me, I did in this case. we were on 28.495 and there was some QRM, so I asked...
  9. hookedon6

    October 10 (10-10)

    jus a reminder,.. tomorrow (10-10) is the annual 10-10 international 24 hour SPRINT. all modes count ,..... fone, CW, Digital, ect . you DON'T have to be a 10-10 member to play;) hope to work some of ya
  10. hookedon6

    ZS6BKW vs G5RV

    i'm thinking about replacing my 102 ft G5RV with a ZS6BKW (optimizied) antenna. it will be a a flat top configuration @ 40 feet and running directly east & west from SW Tn. I am thinking I can get 5 HF bands without a tuner and the WARC bands too. I am not at all interested in working DX...
  11. hookedon6

    ... and the antennas are coming down

    spent the day lowering all but my inverted vee,......... I think we are gonna get hammered on the west Florida coast{Cry_river} I'm less than 1/4 mile from the gulf:whistle:
  12. hookedon6

    Huntsville Al hamfest broadcast

    this weekend , w5kub will perform another of his FREE live internet "broadcasts" from Huntsville. I watched most of the Dayton hamfest on his site W5KUB.COM He pays much of the cost directly on his own, but, he also gives away some great gifts that are donated by certain...
  13. hookedon6

    10 meter contest this weekend

    10 is wide open (east to west coast) and the 10 - 10 contest is going strong get on and play a bit:pop:
  14. hookedon6

    indy 500 special event

    well, it's that time of the year again. the W9IMS (indianopolis motor speedway) special event in in operation NOW. this is a fun event I work every year and the put out a great QSL most bands are covered inculding 10 and 6 W9IMS have fun and enjoy
  15. hookedon6

    moron on 28.425

    guess who in on "his" freq and is getting blasted for being a moron:D it really getting heated:cursing::cursing: :pop:
  16. hookedon6


    just blastin in here right now. 5-9++. worked him on first call @ 50 watts and a G5RV;) from Florida on 28.505 16:30 UTC
  17. hookedon6

    K7UGA special event

    for those of you that may want to work it, the K7UGA (old Sen. Barry Goldwater call) special event station is on 28.445 and workin all the U.S. BIG signal in the S.E.
  18. hookedon6

    can I get a radio check?

    I don't know if this has been posted before or not, but, if ya wanna listen to your own watergate this this is a good link Can I get a radio check I'm listening to the WESTSIDE 11 BAY AREA link right now and can hear myself from the east coast**Jump_im**
  19. hookedon6

    10 meter winter phone QSO party

    just a reminder for those of you that may want to play. the 10-10 INTERNATIONAL winter phone QSO party is this weekend start 0001 UTC 4 FEB - end 2400 UTC 5 FEB you don't need a 10-10 number to play, but if you are trying to get the required numbers to join 10-10, this is the time to get...
  20. hookedon6

    142GTL radio question

    if there are five toggle switches installed on the front left side,..... just what might they do?:whistle: http://forums.qrz.com/showthread.php?327395-cobra-142gtl-base