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  1. wjm1129

    Expo 100 channel kit Or Modify PLL and switches?

    A DDS vfo is another option.
  2. wjm1129

    Unusual controls 148F

    Probably the extra channel switch. The knob could be talkback volume.
  3. wjm1129

    Noise Toy Sound CD

    Must be where the name firestick came from.
  4. wjm1129

    Mobile Ram 1500 antenna

    1.4 on a 102 is excellent. Talk on it.
  5. wjm1129

    This is why i bought a Colossal ground plane

    I hope this thread doesn't run afowl.
  6. wjm1129

    Remember the Good Ole days?

    Don't know of it's the General Lee but it is a 69 Charger.
  7. wjm1129

    Workman W58 Not Really A 5/8 Wave Antenna?

    I think a 5/8 antenna total length should be about 22.5 feet. Sounds like your antenna is too short.
  8. wjm1129

    Real CB Radios are side mic

    In my experience either red, green or orange.
  9. wjm1129

    Real CB Radios are side mic

    I was just wondering because blue lights are the worst for night vision.
  10. wjm1129

    Real CB Radios are side mic

    Looks like those bright blue lights would be no good for night driving.
  11. wjm1129

    Top loaded whip vs. base loaded antenna

    The longer the better. Antennas of the same length will perform the same in most cases, YMMV.
  12. wjm1129

    Starduster - Watt rating?

    I built one with a 102 in whip, a mirror mount and 4 wire radials suspended with 1 in PVC pipe. Works great only 20 ft off the ground.
  13. wjm1129

    11 meter is very quiet?

    Quiet in SW Indiana too.
  14. wjm1129

    Push up poles locally?

    If there is a Harbor Freight near you they sell a 20ft push up flag pole. Might be what you need.
  15. wjm1129

    Best low cost intro beam

    A Moxon is a pretty good bang for the buck.
  16. wjm1129

    Mobile Base Station setup help.

    Leave it as is. Won't make any difference.
  17. wjm1129

    Base Texas T with matching horizontal polarity on the ground

    It is in your browser downloads.
  18. wjm1129

    President McKinley

    I saw a video on changing the mic setting. It may have been the lincoln.
  19. wjm1129

    President McKinley

    I think somewhere in the radio settings menu is an adjustment to change from electret mic to dynamic.
  20. wjm1129

    Base IMAX 2000 maintenance ...

    Nail polish works as a thread locker also.