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  1. Jay Mojave

    Channel Guard posting were is it?

    Hellon All: Just the other day saw a guy selling new type Channel Guard IF Filters, just like the ones sold by CBC. Were is the posting seems this site is user hostile to super CB'ers. Jay in the Grate Mojave Desert
  2. Jay Mojave

    Needem Schematic SCP Amature Amplifier like a Palomar Skipper

    Hello All: Looking for a schematic / diagram for a SCP Amature Amplifier Tube Amp, Uses one 8950 Driving 3 8950 Tubes. I have the Palomar Skipper diagram that uses the same tube design, but would like the SCP diagram, I believe its the same as a 321 amplifier. Will cover costs. Jay
  3. Jay Mojave

    General Radiotelephone MC12 CB radio Manual

    Hello All: Thanks a million for the help with the Trans Analyzer manual. Now need a General Radiotelephone MC12 CB radio Manual. Will cover all costs. Thanks for any help here. Jay in the Great Mojave Desert.... "Next Gas 150 Miles"
  4. Jay Mojave

    Need manual for Transalyzer Mark III

    Hello All: Looking for a manual or schematic for a Transalyzer Mark III analyzer that has a watt meter and a oscilloscope to show the transmitted signal pattern. See: (10) #174 Shop Talk Rare Equipment Restore - YouTube Will be happy to pay for copying and mailing coasts. Thanks Jay in the...
  5. Jay Mojave

    Camping oh yeah getting ready

    Hello All: Thought I would share my last camping trip getting ready effort with you all. Noticed that the CB Radio had a intermittent receive, had to click the mic to get the receive back on, transmit worked ok. Removed the coax connectors from the amp, and installed a double S0-239 adapter...
  6. Jay Mojave

    I left the outter shell off the PL-259

    Hello All: I soldered the last end PL-259 connector without slipping on the outer shell being on the coax. Oh wonderfull!!!! This really made me mad as I built up a few really needed PL-259 and N type connector type, coax jumpers. So I left the Advanced State of the Art, International...
  7. Jay Mojave

    Herricane Dorian HF Frequencies

    Hello All: Been dialing around on the HF Bands looking for Hurricane Dorian HF Frequencies, and not hearing anything / nothing. These are the HF Frequencies in Mc I have so far: 3.815 7.268 14.325 4.125 6.215 8.291 12.290 Anybody have the "HOT STUFF" HF Frequencies.... Thanks Jay in...
  8. Jay Mojave

    Dipole antenna thread were did it go?

    Hello All: I got a few replies to a mobile antennas made into a dipole antenna shown installed in a attic, but have lost the place its at. Riverman 71 wrote it I think. Looking at the e-mail and then deleting it, I come to the web site here and can' find it as its been taken off the new posts...
  9. Jay Mojave

    Icom IC 7600 or 7410 any inputs comments?

    Hello All: Looking to buy a new radio such as a Icom 7600 or 7410. Any comments? Jay in the Great Mojave Desert.