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  1. codecxbox

    Easy Digi to HR2510

    Nomad, heres what I have..
  2. codecxbox

    Digi Easy no ptt problem

    Hi guys! the 2510 ssb is working great, was overgained..thks.. Now got this problem..no PTT from a Easy Digi board..serial usb cable is fine, sends 5 volts to the board everyday..but the PTT is not working..I see 2.3k ohms between PTT and PTT ground when I press Test PTT..the mic TX pin shows 6...
  3. codecxbox

    HR-2510 bad ssb output audio

    Hi! long time no see lol.. got a nice 2510 pretty cheap..monitoring on another radio,AM tx sounds perfect...but SSB is like clipping real bad and my dmm at current mode is showing crazy draws at SSB with a 1khz signal.. MRF 477 is going, right?
  4. codecxbox

    If you got RX issues with a 858 chassis..

    I have 2 TRC-449 that had the same issue..very weak RX..you can stick whatever you got osci, generator, whatever and its a bitch to trace back.. These had that typical scratchy RX that triggers me its a filter problem.. And that was it was! C10, a ceramic cap besides T3, was split open..This cap...
  5. codecxbox

    What type of antenna can this be classified?

    its made with soft steel brake line, and the radial are soft metal from the beach chair..each leg is 2.5 long and 8 turns of insulated copper wire, the rest is left hanging.. its 1.2 from Ch. 1 to 27.495
  6. codecxbox

    RS TRC-449 low receive or are they quiet?

    This radio was found at a garage sale..Channel display was flickering, some Deoxit fixed that..otherwise this radio is walking legal at 4/12 watts and it seems it was never tinkered..but compared to my Teaberry Ranger T and the TS-450, its quite soft at receive..Public Address output is very...
  7. codecxbox

    TS-450s display problem

    I got this radio for a trade.. TX and RX are ok.. But it has a weird problem. the display overbrightens, lighting a bit segments that are not in use..its like the backlight is too strong.. is this like that or is there a way to correct this?
  8. codecxbox

    M0nka derived SDR-928 finals voltage

    on my bench..the mosfets are replaced and upto now its TX per specs..But I was itching to measure voltage but didnt dare to..usually these radios are calibrated by measuring current draw at the DC..anybody would happen to know voltages on the fets?
  9. codecxbox

    The Midland 40 CB Telephone

    Finally did this one! was a trade for tiny mobile cb.. This bad boy was a wreck..blown power supply, blown final, RX upto ch 32.. Fixed all that, replaced the 4 amp PS trans for a 10 amp rate and a new final.. 5.5 deadkey swinging upto 19 pep.. The handset needs a new cable, it causing feedback...
  10. codecxbox

    TRC-451 predriver problem

    The Emperors are on hold until I get new drivers and finals.. Im working with a TRC451 which was given to me and it was really messed up..so far I have fixed the RX section pretty much accurate possible with no osc, just a sdr and a TinySa as a signal generator.. this radio has a missing choke...
  11. codecxbox

    HR-2510 driver current problem

    Hi.. I installed only the driver 2166 which is new, and tested current on the test points..it goes from 0.30 to 1.3 and I stopped there, was getting to hot...all trimpots are adjusted accordingly by the service manual..any suggestions?
  12. codecxbox

    rf sniffer with sdr radio or tinysa?

    Good afternoon..Ive been using a chinese sdr radio with a short AV line and a 101k cap..it this safe or what would you recommend me? its sniffs TX signals ok but doesnt pickup IF like a 17mhz RX crystal signal at test points..I also have a TinySa but I only use it as a signal generator, becuase...
  13. codecxbox

    Emperor TS-5010 unstable Tx signal at predriver side

    Im currently testing a 5010..it doesnt barely TX so I removed final and driver..I measured voltage at the driver base and its not stable, jumps around from 0 to 8v..traced backed to the predriver, removed it and same thing at the base pad..I furthered down to the 2 transistors right before the 3...
  14. codecxbox

    2sc1945 for HR-2600

    Hi all.. Due to the lack of MRF477, Im reading that the 1945 is a drop in substitute.. Is there anything to adjust on a hr2600? thks!
  15. codecxbox

    Teaberry Ranger T hiss crackle sound and squelch problem

    Hello.. I recently got a Teaberry Ranger T..this radio had its final and driver missing and I installed the pair from a TRC451.. This radio is a charm receiving..it pickups signals where my SDR928 doesnt! My problem is theres a low crackle and pop sound on CB and PA mode..I replaced several caps...
  16. codecxbox

    Looking for Sears 934.3826 CB-254

    Looking if anybody can share a copy..Sams credit card system doesnt recognize my bank card..Sear Roadtalker 40 SSB , the old one , which has a 40 marked center knob no LED display..