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    Finally got it together!

    Finally got the Pro 67 b 3 together and up on the hazer. SWR curve right on pretty much for all 6 bands. Should get even better once it's at 80 feet. It's pointed in the Pacific made several contacts into Australia last night on 10 meters. Hope it lasts lol.
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    RFI question

    Ok guys a lil perplexed here. Never had any RFI issues with my television before last night. Skip running hard on the bowl warmed up everything started working and the xyl said the tv is freezing as I modulate. It only did it when using the cable service. When streaming no issue. Any one any...
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    Finally got it started

    Finally got my tower project in gear. First section in the ground 4 feet of it with 4 yards of concrete poured. Hope to stack tower over Labor Day. Mosley Pro 67-b-3 should be here by about then. Will try to post a pic or 2.
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    D104 wanted

    Looking for a good D-104. Element needs to be good most importantly. Would like it to be good looking as well. Also looking for a good stand with a bad head or no head. Thanks Tim
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    Grounding guestion

    Hey guys got a question. Does the ground coming out of the shack need to be tied to the electric service ground to the house? Is just one ground rod with everything in the shack tied to it good enough? Thanks Tim
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    Things that work!

    There are tons of stuff out there that we can buy that looks like a world beater. I have bought stuff like that and they were a turd. I got a Palstar AT2K from HRO and i will say it looks good and works better. Tuned my 11 meter quad on 40 20 and 10 meters to a 1:1 swr and 0 reflect. Cant say...
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    Ocfd question

    Guys i am a old radio guy but new to the world of HF. I am in the process of putting up another tower with a beam on it. Untill thats up i am putting up an ocfd. I am not sure if i can get it in an inverted v or not. It may be a little more of an L shape. Is this something that will work or not...
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    Mast pipe question

    Guys which is stronger a 2" .250 wall 6061 aluminum mast pipe or a 2" .125 wall with a 1.75 with a 1.25 wall sleeved inside it.
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    Ice storms vs Quad

    We had 2 ice storms here in 5 days. My 4 element Quad lost lol. Looks like all that brome is the fiberglass elements. SWR isnt too bad and its recieving. Actually made a contact in Slovenia with it hanging there lol.
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    Mosley pro 67-3

    I am looking at the Mosley pro 67-3. Has any one had any experience with it? Also found one with the 2" boom. Is that a good option? Thanks Tim
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    Made my first contact!

    Made my first contact since getting my ticket. IB2ANT in northern Italy! Worked him on 14.256 this morning. Was suprised he could hear me on this lightening 4+ 11 meter antenna lol. Cant wait to get everything lined out. KO4LMA
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    Yaesu FT1000D 11m Mod

    Looking at a ft 1000 an was wondering if its a difficult task to get 11 meters working in it. Thanks for any info.
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    Best matching type

    Question for you antenna experts here. What is the best matching system for a beam. Is it a balun, gamma match, hair pin or something else. Going to be putting up a new beam soon. Putting around 3 to 5 kw rms into it. Thanks for any info.
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    RF and a pacemaker

    Ok folks looks like i am going to have to get a pacemaker/defibrillator put in here in a few weeks. Has anyone had any experience with this? I really dont want to get rid of my stuff. Would appreciate any info.
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    JTG/Gump built OWA beams

    Guys has anyone saw Roosters videos of these beams? They look pretty interesting to me. According to the videos the seem pretty broad banded for a big yagi. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Base Hazer question

    Anyone out there using a Hazer on their tower? Would appreciate any information or input on this idea. Thanks Tim
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    WTB Rohn 45g

    Looking for Rohn 45g tower let me know what u got.
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    WTB Rohn 45g tower

    Looking for some Rohn 45g tower let me know what u got.
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    Base Wolfradio

    Is Wolfradio still building beams? Really look like a really nice beam. Thanks Tim
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    Base Jogunn 8+8 Star series

    Ok guys we know the gain claims and all that hype are not correct. Has anyone modeled one of these to get real world facts and answers. I know their construction is top notch and the older i get the less i want to take a beam up and down. So any info first hand or through a modeling program will...