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  1. Sideways

    Pix Request, 148 GTL / Grant XL

    Leap, the bias diodes are different, and why the readings arent the same. According to Rick Jackson's schematic on cb tricks for the 148, the driver diode is labeled d50 and is a MV1Y.. The final diode is labeled d49 and is a MV13YH. I remembered thinking the same thing one time while...
  2. Sideways

    need a little help..uniden 980ssb

    I dunno robb, maybe... It doesnt look like its been touched. Its looks like new, most likely been ran as a base, got the stick on feet on the bottom case. 3w swingin to 6 on AM, doesnt give me the impression its been turned up. But I wont really know unless I get 'er fixed I guess. But I get...
  3. Sideways

    need a little help..uniden 980ssb

    Got a good buy on this radio (or so I thought). I knew the final had a bad rep, and sure enough, I received the radio, and no tx. Pulled the final, and it tested bad. I sourced two replacements, threw one in, and I had tx. 3 swingin to around 6 on a.m. everything seemed fine. Flipped to lsb...
  4. Sideways

    Cobra 29 nw ltd classic, no receive.

    Check the audio ic with your multimeter and reference the service manual for the correct voltages. Also, there are 3 different audio chips for the 29. Depending on when you r radios were made. The older ones had a 10pin chip, ta7222. Later models used a 10pin chip, yd1022. It will not...
  5. Sideways

    Cobra 29 nw ltd classic, no receive.

    I just repaired a 29nwstwx with a seemingly similar issue. TX worked as it should and WX worked. Rx signal and audio, worked..kinda, but was very very faint. One of the rx tuning cans, I assume, had a bad solder joint. I could press on the cans with my finger, and rx would return. I resoldered...
  6. Sideways

    setting up a radio work shop

    Daddyo, these guys arent trying to discourage you, so I hope you dont take it that way. But "just trying to get by with this" doesnt necessarilly work with radios. Thats all they're saying. Take your time, and read..alot.. But a dummy load is essential, as has been said. Should be the first...
  7. Sideways

    Uniden PC-122 stumped

    Those cobra 19 ultras have small pcb boards mounted to the main pcb. Try pushing around on the small boards and see if sound comes back. They're known to have bad solder joints where the smaller board mounts to the main pcb.
  8. Sideways

    29LX alignment procedure?

    Cool.. thanks sonoma
  9. Sideways

    29LX alignment procedure?

    Does the new cobra 29 lx's ('14-'15) use the same alignment procedure, test points, etc..as the older ltd's? per cbtricks. I havent messed with the newer models much, and just wanted to confirm before i get started.
  10. Sideways

    How much?

    Diddo on the grants. I got my grant xl in near perfect condition (only minor scratches) for like 40 bucks! They're not talked up like the 148's are i guess, and were still being produced till the early 2k's iirc, so they're not as hard to find in decent condition.. right now anyway.
  11. Sideways

    How much?

    From what ive seen, $100-$125 seems to be the goin rate for a working radio in the condition you described. Thats tai and philly models..
  12. Sideways

    Antenna analyzer?

    There was a comparison review online I read a while back, but I cant find it now. It compared the "lower end" or "entry level" type analyzers. Rigexpert aa30, mfj 259b, palstar zm30, sark 100, and the feature tech aw07 were among the analyzers compared. It led me to believe the rigexpert to be...
  13. Sideways

    Cobra 29 channel 19 on 18 sometimes

    Does it do it on any other channels? Or just 19/18? If not, channel selector gets my vote. Most likely just dirty if its an older radio, or been in a dusty enviroment... If its all channels, could be just a cold solder joint shorting out near the vco area. just my .02
  14. Sideways

    midland 5001z audio

    IIRC the modulation vr was marked "mod". It should be rv2 or d10 is the limiter according to another site. But I wouldnt turn on it too much. Or clip the limiter. I ended up turning the one I was messing with back down. It really muffled the audio when turned up, and sounded like chit. The...
  15. Sideways

    trc 465 mods

    Its not...so what? Its a 7 yr old thread. They were talkin 'bout old radios in the few previous post before mine. Btw, the trc 452 is 40 channel. Thanks for your input...
  16. Sideways

    trc 465 mods

    Been playin around with this little guy over the Christmas break. A trc-452.. A friend gave it to me "for parts", but I just cant scrap a workin radio lol Wired it 4 pin cobra, stuck in the blue led's, and wired in some extra channels through the anl switch. After tuning, 3w swinging to 10...
  17. Sideways

    FC 30 Freq Counter Question

    Yup.. here's the instructions I used I believe. I got mine on a trade deal. But like I said, fc30 may be different idk
  18. Sideways

    FC 30 Freq Counter Question

    If the fc30 is like the galaxy 347/390 external counters, it will work. I wired a fc390 to my grant xl. There was a jumper inside the counter I had to remove..or add...I dont remember which, but it works(y) Id have to do some searching to find the procedure, but I remember it wasnt that difficult.
  19. Sideways

    dummy load with power measurement?

    I made my own dummy load a while back, via instuctions on k4eaa's website http://www.k4eaa.com/dummy.html I recently added binding post for power measurement, and it works great, but I had a couple questions for the more informed. I used 2 1n4148 diodes in series as he did in the pics. But he...