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    Computer Frustration

    OK, here's one for you geeks out there. First off, I'm old and don't know squat about computers and how to use one very well. I can do email, type and print a letter, and write stuff on this forum, but that's about it. A couple of years ago I decided to get into PSK31 so, with the help of a...
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    If you are a member of a local ham radio club, how about telling us about it. Like how often you meet, some of your activities, how many members, etc. Here in the rural Northeast Oregon town of La Grande we have a club that meets monthly. We have about 30 paid members. Some of our activities...
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    CB License

    Yesterday I was having a conversation with a ham friend of mine. We were reminiscing about our CB days back in the 70"s. We started talking about having a CB license and call sign. He actually remembered his. It was K -something -something and then some numbers. I remember that mine was KABZ and...