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  1. Rescue

    Great CB shop list

    so I was thinking for people who do need a shop to do thier work and for those new to the forum who need to know who can be trusted. I thought we could start a new sticky thread with shops that can be trusted. IDK if you guys wouldn't mind doing this but there is so much knowledge here.
  2. Rescue

    My signature isn't working

    Audio test one two
  3. Rescue

    Will a Connex 4600 Turbo

    will my 4600 Turbo drive a Texas Star 667V? Will the 667V be as loud Audio wise as the TX sweet 16? If I don't care about shooting skip just monster audio?
  4. Rescue

    Is it true or urban legend

    can the FCC really triangulate you position
  5. Rescue

    Sooo I got one

    was dating this girl in AZ and she loved my CB on the way to her parents house ( first time meeting) I was yapping away to a buddy as we pulled up her dad and mom were standing at the door I hung up the radio I'm on the side etc...... her dad comments how I was coming through the TV and baby...
  6. Rescue

    Do I really need two alternators

    I am only running a Connex 4600 Turbo and a TS Sweet 16. Do I really need two alternators or will one high output do it? Running two batteries and the radio is hooked up to an Optima yellow top dedicated just to the radio. Everything that can be is grounded to my chassis is. So do I really need...
  7. Rescue

    So what does everyone do for a living?

    Since I asked I will go first I guess, I work for a disaster rescue service and when there is nothing major going on I do search and rescue mostly in the water. I'm a master SCUBA Instructor and Ropes / Climbing Instructor.
  8. Rescue

    I could really use some help please

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a genuine mud duck smashing CB tech. I'm looking for just stupid monster audio. I want to key up and shut everyone down with clarity. I have a Connex 4600 Turbo and a Texas star sweet 16 with a predator 30 k antenna. Now I just need someone to set it up the right...