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  1. redlght

    tTo xtal or not to xtal

    Hi folks been gone a while found this old bookmark thought i would drop by and say howdy. Found this radio on fleabay some thing for your amusement was in the sold list for $2,700 ...A cobra 2000gtl check out the board is it me or this thing missing X3 (11.3258) ,,how the heck would it work lol
  2. redlght

    Alan K1313

    In this amp there are 2 resistors R2 and R3 (maybe a voltage divider for the Hi Lo Sw3 whick looks like Hi Lo input adjust?) the schematic shows the values of 68 Ohms each but in the amp it has R2 15 Ohms and R3 47 Ohms. Was this done to change the input range? What would two 50 ohms do there...
  3. redlght

    Sbe console v

    It has good am and ssb rx and good am tx but very low ssb tx less than half a watt but can be heard on a nearby radio very weak.
  4. redlght


    Got a TS-940 that the 28 volt line to the PA board shorted and took out the power supply after changing a lot of parts in the avr board and the heat sink transistors it fired back up rxc was great but on tx the radio chatters over speaker like motor boating along with a a relay on the filter...
  5. redlght

    Eagle 5000

    Any one happen to have a SM for a eagle 5000? I think it is the same as a galaxy saturn turbo and rebranded for copper electronics but not positive. Thanks.
  6. redlght

    RM Station 550

    I have an RM station 550 no KLV on it that sounds horrible on sideband but clean on AM i tried this fix but can not seem to make it sound good on SSB any ideas? This amp does not have R29 and 30 side by side. here is a photo of the amp and 2 scope snaps of modulation with the amp off and on. Any...
  7. redlght

    8719 Washington

    Have a washington that may have took a lightning strike replaced some blown out caps shorted diodes the predriver driver and final and such it is working rx and tx but ssb audio is choppy and the TP7 wil not adjust or read any ma the TP8 will it is set to 35ma. Any ideas what to check on why it...
  8. redlght


    Any one got step by step for a galaxy n kit for an ar144 the kit instructions are horrible cant tell what they are doing with L13 looks like they are connecting the 2 center taps together but i only see one side that has 3 connections. thanks for any help
  9. redlght

    off by 1

    Any ideas where to look why a cobra2k gtl would be off by 1 example tuned up so that ch 20 reads xx.xx50 it will read 20 to 40 xx.xx50 and ch 1 to 19 will read xx.xx49. With one middle channel jumping back and forth 49 to 50. Thanks
  10. redlght

    Maco be1

    Any one know or have a schematic of one of these i got a cap and a wire loose in mine. I can not seem to find any info on it/ Thanks
  11. redlght

    CObra 200gtl issue

    Just got the radio i was having issues tuning people in on ssb plus the freq counter has it's 92.2000 issues but i started the alignment of the synthesizer section 1st 3 steps went well next step was: input of freq counter to tp10 radio on ch1 am look for .790MHz I get 3.050 MHz? Next step...