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  1. Hurricane145

    Midland 13-880B channel mod?

    Anyone mod a 13-880B for channels that would include channel 38? I haven't found anything in searching but may have missed it. I am certain it would require an added crystal to be switched for a different set of channels but that is about all I know about it. Nice old radio but not too useful...
  2. Hurricane145

    Comstat 25A On Off Switch

    I picked up an old Comstat 25A for just a few bucks a while ago. it is in pretty good shape but needs some TLC. It worked okay, received and transmitted etc. before a cap blew! It needs the lamps in the meter replaced The weird problem with it is that the on/off switch in the volume control is...
  3. Hurricane145

    My Fathers Day (early) Score!

    Looking on Craigslist to see what's up for grabs in CB and ham gear I came across an ad for a Northpoint CBS-1000 and a 24ft CB antenna. for $50 and it is amazingly only a mile away from me! it seems like everything I might be interested in on Craigslist is 100 miles away out in the boonies...
  4. Hurricane145

    Something New!

    No...Not the Beatles album.:D A RADIO! Pretty spiffy. I don't want one but maybe YOU do!! Brochure is here; https://www.lutz-electronics.ch/pdf/K4_Brochure-print_Lutz.pdf
  5. Hurricane145

    NMO to 3/8x24 adapters

    I see there are a couple NMO to 3/8x24 thread adapters out there and was wondering how well they work. Are they better for shorter antennas and unreliable for a full length fiberglass whip or? This being irrespective of the actual NMO mount being used. I know some of the mounts themselves are...
  6. Hurricane145

    Cobra 25 NW WX ST volume question

    I picked up a Cobra 25 NW WX ST cheap and it all works except the nightwatch feature which is no real surprise. One thing I notice that seems odd is that even with the volume down all the way it still has a fair amount of volume. When listening to a weather channel it is normal and a strong...
  7. Hurricane145

    The Anytone "Smart CB"...Opinions?

    I ma curious what you guys think of the Anytone Smart CB. Most of the reviews are pretty good. It sure is small, almost exactly the size of a 3.5 inch floppy drive but with about 1 1/2 inches less depth. Not a lot of features but that is okay with me. I wonder how they are with any engine noise...
  8. Hurricane145

    Sears Roadtalker 40 SSB "Slant face" repair

    I have a Sears Roadtalker 40 SSB "Slant Face" as it is called with a display problem. On some channels it may only display partial numbers, not all of the sections of the LED will light up all the time. They will with careful wiggling of the channel selector however. Some sections on some...
  9. Hurricane145

    Would like to change username

    I would like to change my username to hurricane145 which is the username part of my contact email address. I tried to re-register some time ago with it and that seemed to be successful but when I login with it. It logs in okay but goes to my current username. I may have used hurricane145 briefly...
  10. Hurricane145

    It's ham radio!

    Don't know how it ever got started but you see it as "HAM" ( I am new to HAM...) all the time in more recent years in various forums. It is not really capitalized in the middle of a sentence. It is not an acronym nor a capitalization. It is just plain old ham radio which is something of a...
  11. Hurricane145

    WTB 3 Cobra 2000GTL buttons

    I picked up a Cobra 2000 GTL at an estate sale and it is missing two of the push button switch covers and one complete button for under the counter. The buttons are a two piece button. The silver cover for the buttons are what is missing for two of them. It appears that they are a glue on cover...
  12. Hurricane145

    Turner +2 schematic anyone?

    I have two Turner +2 base style mics that are mostly all in pieces. I am working on restoring them. One has the circuit board mounted on the back of the mic element and the other is one that has the circuit board in the neck of the mic. Does anyone have the schematic for the one that has the...