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  1. Hurricane145

    Reclaim LSB 16

    It would be nice for all the guys that have older 23 channel SSB gear they would like to use. Just start populating channel 16. For local contacts at least, just move down there to chat as an alternate channel to use.
  2. Hurricane145

    What do i really need to align a CB radio?

    One thing that can be nice using a VTVM for alignment is it can be easier to follow a smooth analog meter movement than it is a digital display with numbers bouncing all around the place as you make adjustments.
  3. Hurricane145

    Local channel in your area.

    Everyone around the Seattle area seem to hang around channel 8
  4. Hurricane145

    Top gun technologies quad 5 question

    Give it a try into a dummy load and see how it goes. That is always the first step in troubleshooting, If you don't have on, now would be a good time to get one! They are always good to have nearby when things go bonkers! The power supply shouldn't have any effect on the SWR per se. What power...
  5. Hurricane145

    FCC CB license

    KCS-4000 from 1969 or 70. Not sure, would have to dig it out and look. I do still have it. I keep all that stuff. Then there were the REALLY old calls that were the first issued 11 meter CB licenses for a short while like 7Q2535 or 5W1934 for example, or something very similar. They gave those...
  6. Hurricane145

    Antenna Experts Needed: Common mode filter issue

    This is from K1TTT technical reference. It is what I used for making a coax choke. The larger article elaborates on this and is much more technical but these were his findings in conclusion. It can be a bugger to wind RG-213 on a 4 inch piece of PVC but it can be done with good plastic cable...
  7. Hurricane145

    Antenna Experts Needed: Common mode filter issue

    I had a commercially made Common mode choke some years ago. I first placed it just outside the shack and there was little difference. Then I added a long piece of coax and set the choke way out in the yard and it did make some difference but the added coax may have done that, not sure. I...
  8. Hurricane145


    Back in 1970 I sure drooled over their catalogs! They had a lot of cool stuff that you just never saw in the shops around here!
  9. Hurricane145

    GoodWill again

    Never seen one before and didn't know CDE ever made a CB radio. It's nice looking.
  10. Hurricane145

    Take a chance?

    Not without knowing the serial number. Those mk2G's below a certain serial number cannot be repaired if the PA stage fails. I understand they need a very expensive mainboard replacement which is not hardly worth it.
  11. Hurricane145

    Vintage Antenna rotor control

    I would check the voltages on the rear terminal and compare them to what they should be for other CDE 4 wire rotors. iI would give you a better idea of if it is compatable with a different rotor or not. Just because the control box has presets doesn't necessarily mean that the rotor itself is...
  12. Hurricane145

    Midland 13-880B channel mod?

    Anyone mod a 13-880B for channels that would include channel 38? I haven't found anything in searching but may have missed it. I am certain it would require an added crystal to be switched for a different set of channels but that is about all I know about it. Nice old radio but not too useful...
  13. Hurricane145

    Courier 23 Question

    That's going back a few years! That was before channel 9 was for emergency only communications. I am not sure when that started. Sometime in the mid 70s I guess. I wonder why they picked 9 thru 14 and then also channel 23?
  14. Hurricane145

    Ameritron AL-80B amplifier ?

    I have an Al-80B and use the Ameritron ATR-30 manual tuner with it. I use it mostly for a balanced wire antenna for 40 and 80 meters. Really there are several good manual tuners that work well at the power level of an Al-80B
  15. Hurricane145

    US WWDXers: Will you be getting a FM rig?

    I bought one a couple years ago and have had no problems with it. I put it in my truck. It did come with a warranty. It was in a very basic box, not the fancy box they usually come in. it certainly looked like it was brand new, no scratches or marks on it etc. It does need the squelch mod from...
  16. Hurricane145

    AT-6666 MOBILE

    How about just using a small auto tuner? I'd use a longer antenna cut for a low SWR on CB and then use an auto tuner when on 10 or 12 meters if needed. Or maybe adjust the antenna for the band you are most likely to be on the most and use the tuner for the other. Now that I think of it, I...
  17. Hurricane145

    Motorola HT200

    If it seems to work ok on receive I wouldn't worry much about having it gone over for function which is just checking the alignment of the receiver, I wouldn't think disabling the PTT would be very hard but you could just take out the transmit crystal if it appears easier to do assuming you just...
  18. Hurricane145

    Moving from PAC NW to WY

    WY is a sparsely populated state with few ham radio operators. You will be in a somewhat rare state. Where are you going to be located in WY, or do you know yet?
  19. Hurricane145

    What defines a good contesting amateur radio transciever ?

    There's a few videos of Duga 3 on YouTube as well. Pretty interesting. Sure was a HUGE installation!!