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  1. wile2u

    Off Toppic: Anyone Have A PACER Account ?

    Anyone Have A PACER Account, or access to one, I need something looked up. Someone I knew got arrested for pretty bad, and I wanted to see the court documents. Thanks Wile
  2. wile2u

    Messenger 400

    forgive me first off, as I am sitting here in the er with my son with a broken wrist. I have a Messenger 400 1x4 15m-80m amplifier. Love the amplifier but I would like to convert it from a low drive to a high drive, but lack the knowledge to do so. The radio I am driving it with is an Icom...
  3. wile2u

    TAYLOR MORROW "1102" from Merced, Ca SK

    TAYLOR MORROW "1102" from Merced, Ca SK For us that got to know Taylor "1102" know what a great person he was, at 21 years old he was one of the good ones that should still be around.. Taylor you will be missed.. Taylor Morrow Obituary: View Taylor Morrow's Obituary by Merced Sun Star
  4. wile2u

    allstar node

    Moleculo, what would it take to add an allstar node to the w9wdx repeater system? that way people could get in to our w9wdx repeater with out d-star. they could get in through many other ways, like the webportal, or setup a simplex node, or a full repeater.
  5. wile2u

    FreeDV HF Digital Voice for Radio Amateurs

    this is a c&p from freedv(dot)org FreeDV is a GUI application for Windows and Linux (MacOS and BSD are in testing) that allows any SSB radio to be used for low bit rate digital voice. Speech is compressed down to 1400 bit/s then modulated onto a 1100 Hz wide QPSK signal which is sent to...
  6. wile2u

    Central Valley Repeater

    AudioShockwave, I have a Motorola Desktrack repeater in the uhf band and a controller. If you can come up with a hill top i'll donate the the setup.
  7. wile2u

    Some one has been a bad boy

    03/10/2011 After a Merced, California man refused to let FCC investigators inspect his Citizens Band (CB) radio station, the FCC issued a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (NAL) for $7000. The Commission found that Ira Jones “apparently willfully and repeatedly” violated Section...
  8. wile2u

    Apollo 100 X-2 Schematic

    hello all, first time caller, long time listener, thanks for having me on the forum. :w00t: I am looking for a schematic for an Apollo 100X-2 Amateur Linear. It Work Great until i decided to see if it would do 6M on fm then no key up :cursing: still warms up just no key up. So far i have...