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    Mic of choice

    Morning all, need to the Stryker scene what mic you love on yours . Stryker 655 used for 150.00.
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    I must be missing something here. Looking at a friends 655 Stryker the variable power knob the pep is the same wheather low or high? Looks like the rms or avg only changes. So the radio swings the same pep watts on high and low normal? My comp cobra 29 is different
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    Upgrade or wasting my money

    Morning, I currently run a Dustin cobra 29 and a 2 pill 1446 old palamor . I’m debating buying this would I gain or no one wouldn’t ever here or see a difference??? Thank you all. My 2 pill Dk 45 out and sounds awesome.
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    Just started

    Morning all, so this just started and is getting more sporadic. I key up and talk the amp is still keyed here click light is on however my needle on radio goes to nothing and my talk back goes silent. I have talk back on to . So basically mid sentence I don’t here myself talking no more radio...
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    Which 1

    Morning guys , which would yield me the best results? 4 pill 455s or 2 pill 2879 red dots . Radio comp cobra 29 . Thanks
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    Hey guys, I thought I read on hear before how to set a spare radio up in the mobile the see how you really sound over the air? I know the monitor radio won’t have an antenna but how close is the sound to reality? My trusted ears aren’t always on and the drivers on 19 don’t know what good sounds like
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    Distorted scratchy TB

    Morning all, so when modulating on my galaxy 949 the talkback is scratchy/ distorted. It has variable and doesn’t matter were I set it. However I set up a monitor radio in the rear of my truck no antenna and I don’t hear it in my actual modulation. Is it normal that it’s crappy in talkback but...
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    4 month old linc 2 plus

    Morning all, I have a linc 2 plus from r&r Communications with export kits installed. A killer radio with awesome modulation. Asking , how much you think would be a fair sell price . Thanks
  9. Z

    Galaxy 949

    Morning all, so I got a galaxy 949 at the good will. All good so far . However the receive , I can hear the come backs but they are way out there faint . I have to pay attention to what’s being said. Maybe a recieve alimgment would help? Thanks
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    Galaxy 949

    So I’m picking up a galaxy 949 . I heard the 959 and a 929 on the airwaves wow AM Audio. That being said wonder how it is on Ssb? Thanks guys
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    Layman’s terms

    Morning all, can someone explain why a cobra/ uniden style radio drives the snot out of an amplifier and yields better overall results over a standard 10 meter radio like a General Lee connex 3300 ect ect . Thank you all
  12. Z

    Linc 2 plus

    My R&R Communications Linc 2 Plus. Speaker rattlin modulation and crystal clear.
  13. Z


    Kinda generic but, will a computer fan or usb powered fan work ok to keep a 2 pill cool under modulation? Amazon has a lot of them . Thank you all
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    Hey guys, a good one for you experts or even novice. What are some reasons you amplifier transistors are shorting out ?
  15. Z

    One and done

    I only want to do this once . That being said my next antenna Wilson Stryker mag mount or predator 10 k on mag mount . What would yield me the best results . Thanks
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    Jumper length

    Guys , does the length of the cable matter as in you’ll lose or gain power or is it just for reflect issues. The jumper between amplifier and radio . Thank you all.
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    Who would of thought

    Guys , finally figured out the problem. Well almost 100 percent certain. So the dropping of battery gauge was not a bad ground bad power supply after all . We try to duplicate the problem in my other ride, same problem. Tried friends 2 pill same . Tried different antennas same . Wanna know what...
  18. Z

    Saving time

    Guys, no I’m not being lazy ! Have a Stryker A-10 arriving any day now . That being said can I take off my tram 3500 stand them both up side by side and get swr close that way ? My tram 3500 is 1.1 on channel 19. I like to tune were I talk. Would this work to save time to get it close to start ...
  19. Z


    How can a front seat bolt be no good for ground from amp but a rear seat bolt is ? And also rear seat belt bolt ? Strange ?
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    Idle volts

    Guys , I have a 110 alt and when I’m ideling my truck with heater on lights radio basically the works on and cb and 2 pill 1446 I’m assuming it’s pretty normal to see the battery gauge drop some while modulating and after unkey it recovers quickly. With a 110 amp alt wonder how much of the 110...