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  1. GlocknSpiel

    What do i really need to align a CB radio?

    DVM capable of reading 200Ma DC current (or cheap DVM and a stand-alone Ma meter), Frequency counter, signal generator, RF watt meter.
  2. GlocknSpiel

    Technically, not CB related...and may even get me thrown out of here!!!!!

    I take it, you haven't been on 40M on a Friday night lately? JK for the most part, and I realize the depravity isn't as prevalent on 40M as it is on CH19, but it still has it's "moments" ;) I think the chicken bands still serve a purpose today. And the more people that have a CB rig they can...
  3. GlocknSpiel

    FCC CB license

    I operated under my father's callsign (KKP0907) until I was old enough to get my own (KAFG9830). The FCC was "on the job" until the CB craze of the 70's, when they became overwhelmed and dropped the license requirement altogether. They seemed to stop policing the band about that time also, only...
  4. GlocknSpiel

    What makes the BIRD 43 the "go-to" Wattmeter ???

    I would love to see one of "the big three" develop a good GC meter by using a bandswitch instead of slugs, or freq-specific couplers (have the slugs/couplers built-in and selected from the band switch).
  5. GlocknSpiel

    FT-900 Negative Swing on AM ??

    That used to be very true, and across the board with manufacturers -- but not in TX, because most pre-70's era ham transceivers were designed to be AM only in the first place. Even then, the radios that were capable of operating in SBB suffered on the receive sensitivity end of things anyhow...
  6. GlocknSpiel

    What makes the BIRD 43 the "go-to" Wattmeter ???

    Dittoes what Capt Kilowatt stated. Byrd meters have been around for eons and are kind of hard to beat for accuracy due to the slug system they use. Coaxial Dynamics' meters are just as accurate, and Telepost makes some good maters too. But it all boils down to reputation. I've sold all my Byrd...
  7. GlocknSpiel

    Zetagi B-300P Need advice on amp installation

    LOL!! OK, let's just go with 60A to be safe. This cannot end well. So I'm out.
  8. GlocknSpiel

    Zetagi B-300P Need advice on amp installation

    Yep, 20A should be adequate then (barely); P/E=I OR 250W / 12V = 20.8A So 30A supply would be perfect.
  9. GlocknSpiel

    Zetagi B-300P Need advice on amp installation

    I thought it was capable of 400W pep. If all it can do is 120W, sure, a 20A should do finel. I'll have to check the specs on that amp again.
  10. GlocknSpiel

    Zetagi B-300P Need advice on amp installation

    You'll need at least an additional 40A power supply. This is usually not a problem in a mobile installation, but you'll need a big power supply if not.
  11. GlocknSpiel

    Technically, not CB related...and may even get me thrown out of here!!!!!

    Congratulations! You're going to love all those new bands. It would amaze you just how many hams were CBer's, and how a lot of THOSE are still active on 11M to this day.
  12. GlocknSpiel

    Guitar amp question.

    Looks like 60 uF @ 350VDC / 60uF @350VDC / 60uF @ 50VDC.. If you cannot find the exact can, order separate "radial" capacitors for each one. If you cannot even find individual caps at those values, go the next closest value in capacitance and voltage rating higher, (NEVER lower). Observe...
  13. GlocknSpiel

    Can RCI lcd segments be restored ?

    Sure, Bob. That should work ---- MAYBE.. But the film is cheaper (though, not by much) and you'll have enough film to do about 8 RCI-29xx displays from each sheet. Also, (the "maybe" part), I'd re-flow most of those solder joints before plugging that puppy in. They're deplorable! Who did they...
  14. GlocknSpiel

    Can RCI lcd segments be restored ?

    The short answer is maybe. And if so, it's risky. And it depends on the damage. Those displays use a Liquid Crystal "sandwich" with a polarized film on the front. Such displays are easily warped by heat in the vehicles they're installed in. The sandwich 'bread' is usually glass. It don't warp...
  15. GlocknSpiel

    What is this CB device please?

    You're correct in your assumptions. It's an inline bandpass filter to prevent TVI at the source. It's obsolete today, as modern TVs can do the job to begin with. When that was made, that wasn't the case, and even some radios weren't that good at filtering-out harmonics. That is where your box...
  16. GlocknSpiel

    Random radio question of the day.

    I agree, the radiation pattern is 'whack', considering what is required on 11M. Even so, ANY antenna is scalable to ANY other frequency and perform the same as their design frequency. The only limiting factors are the sizes they become at lower freqs. A microwave dish might have 16Dbi gain...
  17. GlocknSpiel

    FT-900 Negative Swing on AM ??

    If the thread is still open, it should be fair game. A firearm forum I go to every day (GlockTalk) never closes a thread, and about a year ago, they "upgraded" their software.. You should see the vampires it's built-in algorithm drags up as 'suggested reading" now! But yeah, 2009 is ancient. ;)...
  18. GlocknSpiel

    WANTED: Heathkit SB220, or SB221 "L" Chassis (all input network coils mainly)

    Item found!! I actually found a complete "L chassis"in good condition amongst my junk amps.
  19. GlocknSpiel

    Ameritron AL-811H Amplifier

    Inspect the 811's (or 572 whatever yours is tubed with), and inspect the plates. See pics below.... Outside of the missing glass (removed to improve images), if they are not a solid blackish color, and have those shiny, deformed areas on them as seen in these two pics, the plate is likely...
  20. GlocknSpiel

    Jerk keeps playing "I have a dream" trash on 38LSB

    Who knows? I sure don't. But when this thing does find a missing, or out of date security certificate, that's what NAV actually reports... Not "dangerous webpage blocked". I really have no clue though. I hope it's nothing. But that's all I really meant to do (to let others know I've been...