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  1. phantom309

    Does different coax affect swr?

    Forgive me but the project in question is at home and I'm on the road currently. I'm not getting into another coax length battle, so here we go. Current setup, Sirio performer 5000, lmr 400 ultraflex to the radio. Soon to be adding something between the radio and antenna, say for the sake of...
  2. phantom309

    Cobra 132xlr or 138xlr

    I have a chance to get 1 possibly both of these radios at a fair price. But not sure which is the better one of the two. I don't mod old radios, but I do rotate them in an out of the base station ever now and then. Never been a huge cobra fan personally. But hard to pass this deal up. Just...
  3. phantom309

    Fine tune cb.

    I'll be looking to get a new radio next year and have been a loyal customer of bells cb for years. But bells is no longer accepting repairs and hasn't for a while now. So now I'm on the search for a new full service quality shop. Looking at ssb operation as it's main function and I have a few...
  4. phantom309

    Swr vs ohms

    Now that I have an antenna analyzer I get a much bigger picture of what's going on then I ever did with just a swr meter. So I pose this question. Which actually makes the bigger difference? Let say pickup truck roof mounted Wilson 5000, mini 8, cobra 29 is what we are working with, which...
  5. phantom309

    Uniden grant xl

    Sooooooo, I have this old uniden, looks beat but performs fairly well. So I want to get work done but nothing overly crazy. Change mic plug from 5 to 4 pin Have clairifer opened and expanded with a 5 turn adjuster (the actual name escaped me) Aligned and property tuned. I can get new covers...
  6. phantom309

    Electro voice 600c (ww2 era)

    So I won this microphone on eBay today, I have high doubts that it would work on today's radios, if it works at all. My question is, should I attempt to retrofit a newer microphone crystal in it and it's cord, or simply leave it alone for its historical value?
  7. phantom309

    Mobile antenna shafts

    The Wilson trucker version has a 5 or 10 inch shaft and my Sirio performer has an 8 inch shaft. But I am trying to find a 17-24 inch shaft. I don't know weather I am calling it the wrong name or weather 10 inch is the biggest you can buy. Want to mount the antenna in the stake hole in the bed...
  8. phantom309

    Since i am getting frustrated my mind asked me this...

    It is obvious I am not intened to have a ham license. I have been studying and doing online pretests for over a year and still am falling short. In my frustration my mind says to me..... We have the freedom of speech in this country. That said, I am not going to be a pirate station, but wonder...
  9. phantom309

    Looking for my first true ham radio

    I am looking for a multi band transceiver from 10-80 meters but I have no idea where to buy, from what mods should be done or even who is recommended to do them. I would prefer new if at all possible, my budget to buy the radio is approximately $500 which I know is towards the bottom of the...
  10. phantom309

    Sirio 5000 performer......

    I have bought a couple of these last year, I really like them and would like to purchase 2 more, problem is finding a good source for them? I have tried a bunch of online places, place the order then told they aren't in stock and they don't know when more will be coming in. I haven't found any...
  11. phantom309

    1969 final....

    As I am progressively learning more about the technical aspects of the hobby the thirst for knowledge is getting larger. That said, even though the original 1969 transistors are no longer made I do have a few older radios that have them in them, though the radios are dead is there a way to...
  12. phantom309

    new vs old galaxy radios audio?

    I have two old galaxy radios, a dx 44 v and a dx 33hml. The audio on both of these radios are LOUD and clear. Never an issue. Then when I got the new truck I decided to buy a new radio, first was a galaxy 959 b (comes factory with blue display and meter) never really got great reports though...
  13. phantom309

    where's the dx?

    Even the super bowl is quite? What happened, it like someone flipped a switch.
  14. phantom309

    10 meter frequency and modes?

    What are some of the most common frequencys and modes for 10 meters? I have been desperately searching and at best I might getva garbled voice but its gone before I can tune it in. I don't want to participate in the conversation asvi don't have my license. I do hhowever want to here a few...
  15. phantom309

    antenna analyzers, please advise.

    Looking to getting my tech ticket hopefully within a year. Also since I am an over the road trucker cb is still quite important to me. That said I am in the market for an antenna analyzer that will cover my needs for 11 meters as well 10 meters and down to 2 meters. Antenna analyzers are...
  16. phantom309

    kenworth t680 install.

    I'm not completed with it yet but still works good. Sirio 5000 trucker 3/8 shaft Mini 8 coax (single lead not co phased) Galaxy 99v2 Palomar 250 (soon to be replaced by Texas star 400) Astatic 636L
  17. phantom309

    I think I have a message but can't receive it.

    I tap the button the screen slides and nothing else. What am I doing wrong?