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Search results

  1. Dr T

    What is your all time favorite BASE AMP?

    Back in the 70's I had a military amp. Ran it on CH 16 for about 6 months - it was FANTASTIC... until the FCC showed up and took it! A combination of: stupid, teenager, single-wide trailer, mountain top, a Cobra 19 & a really bad antenna made for an exciting short period of time. Lucky they...
  2. Dr T

    FT-891 Radio

  3. Dr T

    How close will nvis work?

    I am using NVIS with a 40,20,10 meter dipole on my privacy fence. The antenna is about 5 feet off the ground at the apex. I work people from 10 - 1000 miles away quite easily. I have also been able to work Alaska, Hawaii & Japan when the conditions are favorable. Experiment. The antennas...
  4. Dr T

    Kop's "not mine" thread

    I would love to find a working Robyn Executive (Yellow) local to the Seattle area... : )
  5. Dr T

    WDX Roster

    Appreciate it binrat. 73, Dr. T
  6. Dr T

    WDX Roster

    If I can choose my own: WDX1718 DR T Tim Maple Valley WA USA
  7. Dr T

    WDX Roster

    Not sure. I initially looked at the spreadsheet on the first page and went from there. Is that spreadsheet constantly updated?
  8. Dr T

    WDX Roster

    Any luck so far? Did you decide on a number for me? Appreciate it.
  9. Dr T

    WDX Roster

    Really appreciate it. I will check out the net.
  10. Dr T

    New Radio Day

    Keeps the room warm too!
  11. Dr T

    WDX Roster

    I haven't yet. I would like to or at least get some feedback on my President McKinley. If you are available some evening I would like to chat over the radio. I also (if I remember) will check into the Sat 7 PM net.
  12. Dr T

    WDX Roster

    How about WDX1010?
  13. Dr T

    WDX Roster

    Tim in Maple Valley, WA. I would like to be on the roster.