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    peaked output & detune??

    I picked up a cheap swr/watt meter today just to get a rough idea what my uniden pc78ltw was doing before I spent the time and money (couple hrs drive one way) taking it to be detuned for my amp. Radio dead keys about 6watt and swings about 50 :confused1: I know it is a cheap meter so lets...
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    CB hot car storage, and 29 LTD Classic mods

    I have a few questions but will try to keep this as short as I can. A friend only drives his pickup when he needs to and sometimes it can sit for 2 or 3 months between use, He enjoys having a CB in it but they seem to quit working while the truck is parked. He has always bought just...
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    Coax questions for 102" and Wilson 1000

    I have to replace the coax on on my truck. I have been running rg8x on my 102" , Should I stick with the rg8x or is there something better for use with the extra wattage of the palomar 400? Also is it possable to replace the coax on a Wilson 1000? A friend has one but the coax is damaged...
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    Uniden PC78LTW mods

    I called the C.B. Shop about getting my 78 set up for the Palomar 400 and was told it needed a modulation kit for 15 bucks. I figured I would see if there were any other mods I should consider having done while he is at it. Also I don't want to run the amp all the time, Can it be set up to...
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    Palomar ELITE 400 HD input wattage?

    I just picked up a used Palomar elite 400 hd with a cooling fan. I am planning on putting this in my truck to replace the little 100 watt box I am putting in the wifes truck. I have a Uniden PC78 that is supposed to be peaked and tuned and a bone stock Cobra 29, I assume the 78 will be too...
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    Trucker 2000, 62" whip, or??????

    I am about to put a CB in the wifes S10, But have no idea what antenna to use. I use a 102" whip on my fullsize and have for 20 years so that is basicly my answer for everything. However it is not really practical in her case as she often goes to sonic or whatever for lunch and wants something...
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    Antenna hight/base question.

    I am wanting to set up a base but i live in somewhat of a bowl, With alot of trees as well. I figure I will have to go atleast 50' to get above the hills. So I need input on 3 things. 1 What is the legal hight limit . 2 How high can I go with pipe sections (such as chain link fence post) or...
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    Old side mike 29 classic worth fixing?

    Ok after reading countless threads stating that the old side mount mike verson of certian radios was best, I remember I have a old 29 LTD Classic with the mike plug on the side. Best I can recall the reason I shelfed it was the RF/SWR switch got broke. I think I took it apart going to fix it...
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    New Member with Emperor Questions

    Hello, New member here with a radio queston. I have found a Emporer TS-3010 locally for $50. The way I understand it these things are supposed to be easly modded to work on 10 meter as well. This is a plus to me as I am thinking about going to ham anyway. Even without the 10 meter aspect...