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  1. jmz

    Field Day - 2015 @ Juniper Springs group campground

    I would like to reserve a spot! john - KE4HGR
  2. jmz


    Good call YPA!! I will do some red beans and rice! Thanks!! John - KE4HGR
  3. jmz


    What needs to be brought that has not been brought up? It looks like meat has been covered fairly well and vegetables are being scoffed at...deserts look like they are filled in well as well....happy to bring something(s) but don't want it to be the uneaten thing at the end of the table. ;-)...
  4. jmz

    Occupational Hazard...

    I thought this would go nicely here....
  5. jmz

    The Best Super Bowl Snack Stadiums Ever

    The rice crispy squares are getting cheeto dust all over them....oh the humanity!
  6. jmz

    BurningHAM 2014 Dates

    This is probably right around the time it gets hotter than Satan's Anus there!! March? April? could be better... John - KE4HGR
  7. jmz

    kenwood tm D710A

    I agree!! For this radio there is really no need to buy the RT Systems software as chirp will do a good job of programming it. I'm sure RT systems does as well, and the support/cable and software is awesome!
  8. jmz

    FT-350 Knock Off...

    Does anyone know anything about these? I'm guessing since Yaesu is not making the radio anymore an Enterprising Chinese company has started making it either with or without the permission of Yaesu...I wonder what the build quality and price will be once they get proper distribution? Newest...
  9. jmz

    4.901 Bong tokes

    I want my 8 seconds back!
  10. jmz

    Knobs for your Flex Radio

    I look forward to hearing more....once you get it set up! Do you know....Would this set up work for the Flex 1500 as well? John - KE4HGR
  11. jmz

    Knobs for your Flex Radio

    Is this what you got? Hercules DJ Control MP3 E2 Very Cool little unit.... John - KE4HGR
  12. jmz

    New Icom ID-31 440Mhz DSTAR HT with GPS

    I saw these accessory prices....they are like Yaesu only more! ...Maybe they should try to bring them down to a realistic price...then we might buy them and not look for alternative....They are digging their own grave... > > Earphone headset: $170 > > 1700mA battery: $130 > > Belt clip for...
  13. jmz

    Yaesu unveils their new digital HT

    I wonder what the future of this radio is now that Motorola and Yaesu have parted ways? I would like to see another digital option on the market to compete against D-Star... John - KE4HGR
  14. jmz

    How to Get On D-STAR Without a Local Repeater

    I kind of feel D-Star is getting crammed down our throats whether we like it or not...I like the idea of digital communications but could do without the Registered TM/Royalties Fees that come with D-Star and would like to see an open source Digital Voice Option take the lead over a proprietary...
  15. jmz

    Impressions of the TS-590

    :lol:I think you are on to something there...Perhaps a missed marketing point...FAT Fingers? Get The Yaesu...so ergonomically you are noticing a difference in performance between the two rigs but in your opinion are these two rigs... - Evenly Matched -TS-590s has a few modern...
  16. jmz

    K6RPT-11 Balloon Passing Azores On It's Way To Morocco

    It's in the Mediterranean now!!!
  17. jmz

    K6RPT-11 Balloon Passing Azores On It's Way To Morocco

    If you like APRS stuff...a balloon was released yesterday from San Jose, CA that crossed the Rockies and now has been crossing the Atlantic...It just checked in at the Azores 160 MPH 109K Ft Altitude, on its way to the African Continent...you can look at it on APRS.fi and search for K6RPT-11 put...
  18. jmz

    Impressions of the TS-590

    Thanks for the report on the TS590 I believe this will be my next HF radio hopefully in early 2012. I would love to hear more feedback on it. FT 950 is a monster compared to it and I like the solid feel...do you miss your 950 at all or are you happy you made the trade? John - KE4HGR
  19. jmz

    Wouxun KG-UV920R Price and Availability Update

    I agree...I was holding out for it, but now the price is higher and the features are less...I have decided to go up to the D710A instead and enjoy APRS and other features from the Kenwood perspective...I have been solely Yaesu but would like to try some of the features of the D710A. $300 for a...