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    Stryker sr-94hpc

    Any of you got a Stryker sr-94hpc and what kind of out put you seeing.I was read all over even Stryker web site say this radio is 45+w well I see 35w set on a 10w dead key 20w on a 4w dead key and this radio came from a well known ham shop in Indiana and was to be so call pro tuned lol
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    Anytone at6666

    Question my Anytone does about 75-80w now when I'm.talking it drops down to about 50w and holds there on high this thing had a 19w dead key I drop it to 10w.I don't know what's going on it was tuned right after I got it I had sent.it out but never had.this happen before I have all new.coax swr's...
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    Mic wiring

    Got my power cord ts-690s. Now this didn't come with a mic. I want to wire up a 636L for now till I find a good mic for it. Anyone know the wiring info for the Kenwood ts-690s so I can wire up the 636L?
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    Kenwood TS-690s

    Just picked up a Kenwood TS-690s now doesn't have a.power cord anyone know where I can get a replacement.
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    Ok selling my 98vhp upgrading my stuff 420.00 for radio.Its clean if you want the power supply that goes up to 15v that's 50.00 more
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    Looking for a 10-160 meter hf rig

    Looking to buy 10-160 meter hf rig let me know if any one has one for sale or what ever
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    Fire stik 2

    Getting my antenna set 1.0 from ch 1-39 but 40 is at 1.5.But trouble went to 38 LSB with no modulation seems I'm getting a carrier it throws my High swr warning on my Anytone AT6666 I just wonder if the guy that tuned done something or it got bumped and something came out of adjustment I been...
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    Mini60 antenna analyzer

    Any of you use a mini60 antenna analyzer trying to figure this out.I put in the center freq but then it also ask for the khz I put in 1000 wasn't sure what to put in
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    SWR trouble

    I have a 06 trailblazer now I tried 3 different antennas now my trouble SWR won't go below 2 not sure if it's the metal that is made out of.I tried the magnet mounts and a fender mount I don't know what is going on.Any help would be great
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    Question bought this 98vhp used so I got a face plate decal.I took covers off to Put On decal after removing the front face.So flipped it over man smelled like something burnt bad I seen that the heat sink compound was hard and crusty around the finals and driver.I didn't see anything burnt or...
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    Power supply's

    Ok looking for a good power supply that gives 40amps steady to run my dx98vhp.Any suggestions
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    Looking for hr2510 or anytone at6666

    Looking to buy anytone at6666 or hr2510
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    Anytone AT6666

    What do you think of the anytone AT6666 is it any good it looks like a pretty nice radio but not sure on the working part of it.The AT5555n not bad look also
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    Looking for cobra 200gtl dx

    Looking for cobra 200gtl dx
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    m-400 starduster

    Sitting here look at directions for a m-400 now what the beep want to set it for 10/11 meter says 2607mm which is 8feet now is that from the tip of the top radial to the tip of the lower radials.
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    imax 2000

    I got a imax 2000 up now only able to get swr at 2 can't seem to go any lower not sure if it is the tuning rings because when there loose to turn they are real sloppy like the threads are striped.It has 35ft of coax and it about 40 ft in air
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    workman bb-3 echo

    BB-3 echo i got this online now funny thing i got no instructions with it does anyone have these at all
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    want to install a rfx150 on my 959 now what is a good +8 volt source to tap into
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    galaxy 93t 10meter for sale or trade

    i have a galaxy 93t for sale or trade for a dx959 this radio is in good shape and 100% working
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    WTB galaxy dx 959 working

    wanted to buy a galaxy dx 959 in nice shape