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  1. J

    Galaxy dx99v LSB freq problem

    I acquired a Galaxy 99v off an online site and it is working great in every mode and does work on lsb with proper power output and is on freq on center slot,but the problem is on lsb only you can be on channel 38 on the channel indicator but the freq counter says you are on 27.405 and that is...
  2. J

    opinions on Shakespeare 318-GBT "pogo stick base antenna

    I have had this antenna up 35 feet since 1990 and has always worked great for me ,wondering if anyone else has one up or has had one in use in the past .This antenna has been through some tremendous winds and held up great.Any comments from past and present users of this antenna.
  3. J

    galaxy dx99v variable power unresponsive

    The variable power knob on my galaxy is not doing anything I set the internal am high power pot vr13 to 4 watts swing to 8 but I cant get the knob to adjust watts tried turning knob down to adjust vr16 low power but it doesn't change is stays at 4 watts dead key,all wires appear to be hooked up...
  4. J

    galaxy dx88hl lost recieve

    Had a real strong close station come in to my receive and took it out,the radio still shows receive on meter and can hear very weak static through speaker with volume all the way up.PA mode is not working either but have great modulation on am and sideband .Could it be the audio ic even though...
  5. J

    Help with setting carrier oscillator with sencore cb42

    Was needing some guidance on how to hook up a cb42 to a galaxy dx99v to adjust the carrier oscillators and sideband freq it got messed with and is off.Also what mod can I do to the cb42 analyzer so it can handle the wattage of the 99v, without overloading an harming it .Thanks in advance for any...
  6. J

    wtb working sencore cb42

    I am looking for a working sencore cb42 complete with lead set.
  7. J

    Galaxy dx99v Driver bias too low need help

    Have a few Galaxys with the same problem the driver bias is too low like 35 ma max can't get the 50 to 75 they want .2 of the radios are galaxy 99v's and 1 dx88hl they all work great but vr11 is maxed and only reads 35 ma the final vr10 and vr 20 I can get set correctly on all 3 but the driver...
  8. J

    galaxy dx959 mosfet lost recieve

    I was transmitting on am with a wilson 5000 antenna ,swr was 1.3 all was fine till i lost am transmit.Went to sideband mode and transmitted fine for a few minutes then lost recieve audio and sideband transmit all at once .I replaced q54 and q55 and now i have am transmit and sideband transmit...
  9. J

    need ge 3-5804d cybernet mods

    Dug this radio out of my box and would like to get a little more tx out of it,put a 1307 final in but it is still weak.Have a realistic preamplified power mic on it already.Need to have more pep forward anyone familiar with this chassis and how do i polish this turd.thanks
  10. J

    converting new dx959 from mosfet to transistor

    I have some extra nos 2166 driver and 2sc1969 finals and would like to convert my newer galaxy dx959 that has irf520's to them .I know there are 2 diodes d90 and d92 in directly front of mosfets need to be reversed but what else did galaxy change.The reason i would like to do this mod is i had...