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  1. Radio Tech

    Updated video shop tour

    During the Christmas break I shot a short video of the shop. The old video was several years old and lots of things changed. I know some of you have already seen the shop but decided to share with the rest. Just a bunch of old junk collected over the years.
  2. Radio Tech

    Alinco DR-570 UHF Receive failure and prevention

    Just wanted to share this fix for failed UHF receivers in the Alinco radios. This also is the same for the Kenwood dual band radios such as the TM-621
  3. Radio Tech

    A quick look at a rare radio

    Not that they are rare as in hard to find although they are, but rare to see them is this condition. Not bad looking rigs. been a long time since I have seen one of these.
  4. Radio Tech

    Yaesu FT-101 Series "TX RX frequency alignment"

    I have had over a dozen request on how to align the receive clarifier and tx/rx frequencies on the FT-101. I posted up this short video on how to do so.
  5. Radio Tech

    #80 Realistic HTX-100 diagnostic and repair

    In this video we take a donor radio and do a little troubleshooting to see just how bad a shape it is in. Since I already have one of these I will probably give this radio away to someone in need.
  6. Radio Tech

    #69 Shop Talk - Ghost - FT-101 - Radio Shack - Camera

    Another episode of Shop Talk. A look at the FT-101, Ghost hunting a TS-120, Couple of nostalgia Radio Shack items, camera thoughts,
  7. Radio Tech

    #68 Yaesu FT-747 No receive diagnose and repair

    #68 Yaesu FT-747 No receive diagnose and repair In this video we have a look at why a FT-747 has no receive on any band. After the repair we find that SSB has distorted sound and then we inspect for the cause.
  8. Radio Tech

    #67 Eico 315 SG repair and alignment

    In this video I have a look at multiple problems with the Eico 315 signal generator. Then replace capacitors, resistors and do an alignment.
  9. Radio Tech

    #65 Shop Talk Sniffing RF signals safely

    #65 Shop Talk Sniffing RF signals safely In this video we show a simple way to sniff out RF signal safely and to correct a simple but dangerous task I performed in my last video.
  10. Radio Tech

    #64 Collins KWM 1 Repair

    #64 Collins KWM 1 Repair In this video we take a look at a transmit problem with a KWM-1 amateur radio transceiver.
  11. Radio Tech

    #63 A look at a mint Collins KWM 2A in for repair

    I had the opportunity to work on a Collins KWM-2A this week end. Did not have4 time to do the repair on camera due to getting the radio back to the owner. Rig came in with a broken power port. While testing the unit I found several bad solder joints and repaired those as well. #63 A look at a...
  12. Radio Tech

    I started a new series of repair videos on the Yaesu FT-101

    #58 Flea Market find Yaesu FT-101 repair series In this video we have a look at a 101 purchased from a local flea market Click here for full 33MB service manual http://www.foxtango.org/Manuals/FT-101_SVC_Manual.pdf Foxtango http://foxtango.org/
  13. Radio Tech

    #57 Shop Talk Fabricating a crystal oven cover B&K 2040

    In this video I fabricate a new crystal oven cover for my old B&K 2040. We do this with a modified Soldering iron tip. Check out Paul's video at Mr Carlson's Lab:
  14. Radio Tech

    #56 B&K 2040 Signal generator PLL issue

    In this video we troubleshoot a very fine piece of vintage CB test gear. Inside the unit we find that the 3 74161 program divider chip failed in a cascade format. We also find that IC307 took out a resistor. After replacing the failed components we getthe unit back up and running.
  15. Radio Tech

    #40 Shop Talk - Wafer switch cleaning tips

    Last video posting for a while guys. Don't want to be boring folks and don't want my videos to be the only thing I post here. Those that follow can find them on my YouTube channel. Thanks for watching. In this video we look at several types of wafer switches. We then look at a method I use to...
  16. Radio Tech

    #38 Icom IC-745 part 2. Pll repair and 2nd LO upgrade

    Part two of the series. Part one was located here: http://www.worldwidedx.com/threads/27-troubleshooting-and-testing-a-viewrs-icom-ic-745.196436/ #38 Icom IC-745 part 2. PLL repair and 2nd LO upgrade I decided to post this coming weekends video a bit early for some rest and relaxation. In this...
  17. Radio Tech

    #32 Random ham radio repair Kenwood TM-621A no 220 MHz RX

    Been a while since I posted a video here...So here we go. #32 Random ham radio repair Kenwood TM-621A no 220 MHz RX In this video we take a look at another 621 with no 220 MHz receive all the way from Manchester Maryland. We do not have any service info for the 220 band so we go to the white...
  18. Radio Tech

    #30 Kenwood TS-50 Part 3 troubleshoot transmitter and repair

    #30 Kenwood TS-50 Part 3 troubleshoot transmitter and repair Third and final episode. In this video we are back on the old Kenwood TS-50. We do a bit of troubleshooting and find yet more interesting faults. Some blown parts, broken parts, and parts not plugged in. Bare with me as we try and...
  19. Radio Tech

    #29 Vintage gear I picked up for future teardowns and restore

    In this video we take a quick look at some vintage ham radios and test gear a friend gave to me today. This is what we have: Kenwood TS-520 hybrid HF rig Heathkit DX-20 CW transmitter Eico model 215 signal generator Heathkit HP-23 power supply HP model 410A Volt OHM meter I will used these in...
  20. Radio Tech

    #28 Yaesu YO-100 scope monitor troubleshoot and repair

    #28 Yaesu YO-100 scope monitor troubleshoot and repair In this video we take a look at the YO-100 scope monitor. We will only use out senses to locate the problems without the use of test gear. We will test a capacitor with a cheap tester. Lets have a look at what we find.