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  1. Justme

    LR44 battery question

    LR44 about 100 Ma. 357 about 155 mA. So the 357 will hold out a bit longer 50% more capacity. You decide if that is worth thee price difference.
  2. Justme

    New Cushcraft Squalo Antennas

    I have a squalo for 2/70 dual band at 40 feet above the ground. Just under the Diamond x 510N which was rebuild from new with teflon coax cable to handle the 200 watts digimode and SSB, the squalo can do 800 watts the X510N standard 50 watts digital through the small capacitors i replaced with...
  3. Justme

    SWR Setting

    My Imax 2 K does 10 and 11 meter fine, even 15 meter where it is a half wave. 26,5 to 29.000 under 1:1.3 good enough for me 15 meter 1: 1.2. Horizontal OCF from Fritzel also works fine on 11 and 10 bit higher SWR but under 1:2.
  4. Justme

    Question of triple can capacitors

    No problem, within specifications and as long voltage is the same use it.
  5. Justme

    New rope ordered

    Using the same stuff from them keeping the 77 foot vertical up 6 mm though enough for the alu pole. Survived 80 mile winds without problems.
  6. Justme

    Build me a Ham Shack

    When i'm asked to build a station my simple answer is use 10% for a radio and 90% for the antenna farm. If you roll your own antenna's ( making them yourself) you can use the saved bucks for the radio set up. a mediocre radio on good antenna's = results. A 5 K radio on some mediocre antenna is...
  7. Justme

    Happy New Year To all of the forum!!

    happy new year stay safe and have a ball ;)
  8. Justme

    Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas to you all and family.
  9. Justme

    Solar Flux and Sunspot Numbers Finally Grow past 100

    10 is open as are the other bands use it today ;)
  10. Justme

    Solar Flux and Sunspot Numbers Finally Grow past 100

    We were above 100 a week ago, still no ironclad guarantee conditions will be good, with solar spots can come solar storms wasting conditions.
  11. Justme

    Low pass filter use and linear amplifiers

    Your broadband ampwill amplify anything it gets in it's input including harmnics. Good tube amps like my Heathkit SB-1000 tou tune the PA and it will supresss harmonics and have a clean output if you don't overdrive it. Broadbanded amps don't have that tuning section and amplify anything that...
  12. Justme

    Ameritron question on unit I purchased

    Digging deep in my old grey matter.. The al811 & 811h mod is SIMPLE. you cut 1 wire for the 10-12 meter mod, you will need to adjust input coil (inside amp)for lowest swr. if you do for 26.700 mhz, center of 24.900 & 28.500, you should be able to have acceptable swr on all 3 bands maybe just a...
  13. Justme

    Daiwa CNA-2002 auto tuner

    Some reviews for what it is worth. eHam.net Manual DAIWA MODEL CNA-2002 AUTOMATIC ANTENNA TUNER Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts (elektrotanya.com) Manual mods.dk -> Instruction, users and service manuals for Daiwa 73,
  14. Justme

    Do Tubes have a different sound than transistors?

    To put it a bit in perspective, most untrained ears won't hear 10% distortion, and very well trained ear can hear 2% distortion. As with audio a lot is personal, tube amps ( audio) produce soft distortion even harmonics which to our ears is soft distortion and we translate it in "warm" audio...
  15. Justme

    Ameritron Pre Purchase Tech Questions

    i run the Heathkit SB-1000 the buiding project from Heathkit AL80 amp. Replaced the 3-500 for a 3-500 ZG and rebuild the amplifier 8 years back, mostly running between 500 to 700 watts out reduced drive if you do that and know how to tune the amp it will last you a lifetime. I'm running it from...
  16. Justme

    Where do you get good jumpers?

    That is why as in my first post said i make them myself. Not skimping on good connectors and cable, taking the time to do it well, and measure twice and checking them for wear when in use.
  17. Justme

    Where do you get good jumpers?

    Just remember what a set of new transistors in that shiny power amplifier or new tube will cost you if that jumper fails... i bet you then are sorry not to have spend some more on them for better quality ones...
  18. Justme

    Where do you get good jumpers?

    I always make them myself not saving money on coax and connectors. Take the time to make them measure twice and test them out. Specially connectorss there is a lot of bad stuff out there chinese junk. Amphenol, silvered ones are the best i noticed after 45 years of making my own stuff, expensive...
  19. Justme

    Not enough juice

    Alwways calculate with headroom. My ham station runs on a dedicated 230 volt 50 Hz line in the house with 16 amp breaker. That is 3680 watts raw power from the net available for the ham station alone. It runs a 30 amp supply for the Yaesu FT991A, again overcalculate amps for the radio (max the...
  20. Justme

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    LOL, Happy thanksgiving to you all here have some fun...