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  1. Mustang 131

    Base 11m quagi ... due to popular demand here it is

    Dammmm...Hope it works out!
  2. Mustang 131

    New 32 pill is a dog :(

    Sorry to hear about you 32 pill issues. I had a Noname 32 pill for years and years. Great box and but I could never get enough amps or batteries to ever really put it to the test for any amount of time. Even with (2) 320 for the box and a (1) 240 for drive. Go to a break sell it and find a new...
  3. Mustang 131

    Low pass filter use and linear amplifiers

    It's really not a bad idea to do both. Less garbage in = Less garbage out. The plus is less stress on your AMP, specifically in AM. And a good brick wall on your output is never a bad idea.
  4. Mustang 131

    This is why i bought a Colossal ground plane

    Did you then key up with max juice?
  5. Mustang 131

    Not enough juice

    100ft heavy duty extension cord? Your well north of 20 amps unless your on a dedicated circuit,..120vac i guess..30 amps cord with a TT-30 plug? But that would not be my concern.. 1) How many amps is your service? 2) Are you on a dedicated circuit? Whats it rated for at 110vac? Switch to 240 if...
  6. Mustang 131

    Dual antennas

    Yep..minus any losses.
  7. Mustang 131


    1) Start with your stock radio, stock mic, dummy load, and way to listen to your output audio. Any cheap ebay special HF radio. 2) Buy a scope or REA,,learn how to use it. 3) Start with eq's and cheap mics. I used a radio shack tape recorder mic for 10+ years, At this point expensive sh1t is...
  8. Mustang 131

    US WWDXers: Will you be getting a FM rig?

    I've spent the last 30+ years trying to get CB sound good. And FM sounds great, right out of the box. AM...takes a lot to get to sound right If it catches on,,I would love experiencing with FM processing to make it sound even better. Also FM CB works exceptionally well while offloading. AM...
  9. Mustang 131

    Why people are not using FM on CB in States?

    Finally...all those over-driven class c amps will sound good. Well until they get cooked.
  10. Mustang 131

    Base Top 10 States

    It hasn't measurably rained in over a year. We have no weather. Wind on the other hand blows here every time the sun sets.
  11. Mustang 131


    Channel 1 sounds like a great plan. I'll spin to it on the weekend on my Kenwood. The EU radios will become FCC type accepted in the near future. Cobra and President is only pushing this to keep production standards. Follow the $$ logic. And the FCC could careless about R/C or anything else...
  12. Mustang 131


    How about opening the "A" channels to FM?? That would almost be a no brainier.
  13. Mustang 131

    what is the purpose of a driver amp?

    How did this turn into a Pizza thread!! But yea..why can't they make a good pizza in LA!
  14. Mustang 131

    Negative Peak Compression boards for Cobra 29

    I've gated him many times and would describe his audio as gritty. However the man can and has sounded "HIFI". Have a gate somewhere..he said he could sound clean, And he did sound very good! Then he went back to his d-rail sound. What the hell is a dial-a-bird peak and dial a bird average???? I...
  15. Mustang 131

    New McKinley EU

    Thanks..was hoping for more. But thats what I kinda expected.
  16. Mustang 131

    New McKinley EU

    Let us know how you like it after a few weeks. It LOOKS top shelf for a export...if priced right.
  17. Mustang 131

    Remember the President George?

    POS..never used it much. It locked up about a year into owning it...still on my bench after all these years.. But really can't say I used it much since the Lincoln was better in every wsy.
  18. Mustang 131

    JTG/Gump built OWA beams

    I don't have it yet. The plan is use it on the flat side at 60'. But also to unscientificily compare it to my other 6 element owa. Not expecting much of a difference. But curious... Then using antenna with less gain on my other tower on the vertical side.
  19. Mustang 131

    JTG/Gump built OWA beams

    $1050 for the Beam with balun.