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  1. DXman

    External speaker recommendations

    As everyone knows that running a RCI 2950/2970dx has lots of white noise on ssb, but using a West Mountain DSP speaker can really clean up the noise. I use one on the base and will also use one again in the mobile when "ever" I get one installed again. This speaker really makes the weak signals...
  2. DXman


    Ok Handy Andy, I have seemed to have corrected the problem. Although I am not on any other sites where any one can follow me, nor do any sites have my Phone #, but what ever I did in my preference done the trick. Thanks for your help..... DXman
  3. DXman

    How to determine the height of a tree without climbing it

    I'll just stick with my $40 archery range finder, very accurate to 100 yards..done in 3 seconds.
  4. DXman

    Antennas & DX

    Yes it is normal....
  5. DXman

    4 element vs 5 element M104C or M105C help...

    Well Jeff in my area here, there are 9 guys on ch 38 in a 25 mi. radius and they all have their big amp's (400 - 1kw) and they all have beams except for one. But with my 5 element & the 100 watt cheap export radio, I am always right in the mix of things. So with 28 contacts on 11 meters into...
  6. DXman

    Interesting DX reception on 27.005

    Whoops - made a big mistake, I said ch 13 usb was used by stations in Indonesia, not so, it should read ch 33 usb. Sorry about that.
  7. DXman

    The market is really going strong.......

    Here is one of the latest air rifles that will amaze you as to what it will do. From Germany it's got some of the best of the best - $3,395.00 (scope not included)
  8. DXman

    Clarifier to leave locked or unlock that is the question

    Since the year 2000, I have only used the 2970dx radio's for the base. One radio is "open" and one is "locked", and after using both of them over the years and I would say that I do prefer the radio with the "locked" clarifier.
  9. DXman


  10. DXman

    Country code numbers

    #352 - Kosovo This link is a little more up to date, the ones in red have been deleted. 11 meter prefix list. (#71 - Midway Is. is also deleted) For a map with all the Prefix's on it -Click here.
  11. DXman

    Interesting DX reception on 27.005

    Am it is on ch 4 - and coming from Japan. I have been using that ch. for my beacon into the Asia coast for many years. Here is one I found this week: ch. 13 usb is used by many stations in Indonesia, there has been lots of traffic on there, just like ch 38. But of coarse their not speaking...
  12. DXman

    Short opening - 3/16/22 Indonesia

    Same here for the Aussie & S. America in the evening. Also in late afternoon I have C. America in here with strong signals. But nothing coming from the central pacific area - Marshall Is., Kiribati Is, Micronesia, etc. etc. very quite in that area.
  13. DXman

    Short opening - 3/16/22 Indonesia

    Well I must admit that the dx gods were with me again this afternoon - two more contacts into Indonesia with my mighty export radio....he he. 91at999 - Acil 91mex102 - Adhi Adhi remember me from our last contact 20 yrs ago, he said he had my QSL - I told him great memory u have........
  14. DXman

    Short opening - 3/16/22 Indonesia

    Every afternoon I swing the beam into the Pacific, listening for who ever, around the 27.555 area. At 3:00 pm I started hearing the familiar sound coming from the S.W. area, telling me there might be a opening.. Then at 3:10 (dst) a station popped in from Indonesia, we talked for about 3...
  15. DXman

    HUGE 10-12 Meter DX 03/10/22

    Brazil has been here into the North West for the last 3+ weeks. Have also heard all of the other countries except Columbia and Guyana in the past 2 weeks. This is 11 meters....
  16. DXman


    I have no "connected" accounts, so that's no issue, I do have cookies set for this site. Still no work for deleting the alerts.
  17. DXman


    Well I followed every step, nothing showing ASSOCIATE. I deleted every notifiaction and still doesn't work. The statement "don't ask me again", doesn't appear anywhere.
  18. DXman


    I have done that several times, all alerts are still there.
  19. DXman

    Uncle Ernie - Anchorage...

    FYI, This is for all of you guys across the US, that think you have talked to this guy in Anchorage. He is here in the state of Washington, he is close to Seattle and Vashon Is. area. He has been playing his little game for 1 month, but now we have found out close to where he is.
  20. DXman

    Jerk keeps playing "I have a dream" trash on 38LSB

    Not Indiana - It's coming from Springfield, ILL.