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    Wilson Set screws

    Common size home Depot next to nothing. LoL I noticed one of mine has backed out and fallen out also the other day.
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    11 meter dipole vs A99 for base

    A dipole will be easy to hide and get it up in a tall tree or a tall object. Or like some have said a 1/4 wave in the center of the roof or even a short pole from the back bumper.
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    CB slang is horrible

    Or The guy saying one one one or the audio audio. Or repeats the first few.word over and over before finishing the sentence
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    I run some digital stuff in my truck dsrar and Dmr some of them guys on dmr have audio so loud it almost makes your ears bleed. Lots of compression. Dstsr is my favorite. Talk around the world hooked up to ten watt dummy load, going into a my hotspot
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    Peak, Tune, Channel Expansion for Stryker 955

    Oops one for 10 and one for 11 meters.
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    Peak, Tune, Channel Expansion for Stryker 955

    Rock solid. I use mine on 10 meter also. Funny getting good audio reports from ham guys. LoL I have found the ranger sra 198 gives a clear loud audio. I use a antenna switch one mirror has a antenna for 10 meter and other has one tuned for 10 meter.
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    Running FT8 on at 6666

    Yep don't take a real solid signal to make a contact. Tell the band starts opening up more it's gaining popularity. I run dstar with a hotspot in my truck. Great way to talk to people all over the world with out amps and tree thumping antennas. Digital is gaining a lot of ground.
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    Is it true or urban legend

    And your point? I wanted to add something to it, if that upsets you sorry get over it
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    Running FT8 on at 6666

    Wow never thought about it. A lot of people using ft8? I'm guessing a lot here haven't heard of it, and how well it works even when bands are down.
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    Is it true or urban legend

    Have a dopler system. Antenna on the four corners of the roof. It measures the difference between each one and has a circle of less showing me what direction the single is coming from. Can be on a doorstep on no time. We did a lot of fox hunts few years ago. Might have to break it out again...
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    Brake noise in radio

    Half million in 8 years, 2 5 million here, and haven't rear-ended anyone yet.
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    Black Powder caps?

    Lol smashing a whole roll with a hammer hoping for a big bang.
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    ASTROPLANE best vertical antenna ever?

    Wow brings back memories. The first antenna I bought back around 1975 or so. Bought a astro beam and had better luck with the Omni.
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    adding second final to a 939

    Yep its the same board, That one is the one where its going from a 1969 to a 2030, I'm afraid I would be taking things out or adding that I don't need to as its already has a 520 in the first slot.
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    adding second final to a 939

    Has any one come across plans for adding the second final irf 520. I can find the plans for the 1969 finals but its how to change it to a mosfet. The 939 has one 520 in it and not sure what I need to add to put one more in. I drive a company truck and they got a little hot when they saw my...