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    Maco V Quad (2 element)

    Yes it will work better for vertical local stations. Actually it works pretty dang good even for flat side too. I could still hear and talk to the Caribbean islands on the antenna in the flat/vertical position. Flip over to my vertical only antenna, and could not even hear them plus there...
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    Uniden 858 SSB CB squeal on AM transmit

    I wondered why my Cobra 142 GTL base had a 5 pin mic socket. Now I know!
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    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    All I know is that a guy bought a new Stryker 955 V2 to use with his CarlBuilt two transistor 2879C box. Other radios would work fine with the amp. The Stryker 955V2 SWR was all over the place with a dummy load. My tech said he thought about how Texas Star uses a blocking cap, and that solved...
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    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    I returned my 5555 n2. It was a good radio, and the DSP was excellent. The radio would not work right with my four transistor Toshiba 2879's B biased base amp. With the amp on, the input was good, but the output SWR was all over the place. Tried different length jumpers, and it was still...
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    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    Good thing Amazon shipped your radio because that makes it an easy return. Also, if you drop off the return at UPS store, the money spent will be refunded by the time you get back home. That radio had already been converted I would think. I would email Hesenate, and send them the pictures...
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    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    The DSP noise reduction works awesome. If you are receiving somebody that has a good signal with a lot of hiss and crackling sounds, the DSP will make them crystal clear.
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    Maco v Quad ????

    On my V quad side rejection was a good bit better than rear rejection. Could knock out my neighbors solar panels easily from the side. Rear would knock down the noise, but would not totally knock it out like the side did.
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    need input weather 1/2 or 5/8 wave

    My Sirio 2016 has been up a year now. Survived two thunder storms this past week of 60+ mph wind speed. Still shines like a new one.
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    Stryker 955 V 2

    Sounded fine to me 945. A friend of mine was on a new V2 today. He said he just got it out the box today. It sounded good on the stock microphone. Not as loud as yours though, but a pleasing quieter to the ears sound. No changes on the menu.
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    Palomar 300 ? 4 x 1446's

    Still regretting that I sold a pristine Cobra XL450 with four Motorola 454's. Bought it for $135 cash untested, so I did take a chance on it. It worked awesome. Got out of radio for a little bit, and sold it for $400. My bad! Wish I had that bad boy back.
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    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    No I am not hearing any reverb sound. But I am using headphones hooked up to the PA jack. With the receive noise reduction on, it does sound funny switching channels, or after I quit transmitting. It's like a second or so delay before the noise reduction kicks in. When I turn on the talk...
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    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    Can anybody hear what roger beep #2 sounds like? I hear roger beep 1, 3, 4, and 5, but not number 2. I know option #2 is working because I see my power meter increase in power when I unkey.
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    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    Yup the manual is wrong. Quick menu press, and then quick mode press pulled up all seven weather channels for me too. Had 60 dB on six channels. No signal on one of the channels. I was listening to one of the channels, and they are doing a weather alert test today, so I am going to turn on...
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    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    No did not mess with the software yet because I don't have the proper USB cable. I did go the Anytone website, and looked under downloads for the software. Saw various versions for the 5555, but none specifically for the N2 version. Maybe I overlooked it....
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    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    Got it hooked up today. Conversion was super easy. Did have to use tweezers to move the jumper from 1 and 2 to 2 and 3. The receive noise reduction absolutely works. I finally settled on setting 3 because at setting 5 the voices did not sound natural. At setting 3 it still works good. It...
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    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    Got one coming this Sunday. Hopefully, the channel rejection is better than the Stryker 447HPC2. The adjacent channel rejection was awful on it, and it's a selling point. Boy was I fooled.
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    External speaker recommendations

    The Motorola speakers are excellent. I got one years ago when the Texas highway patrol was installing new speakers. Used it for years in my tractor trailer, and then sold it for more than I paid for it.
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    Base Sirio 2008 vs 2016

    My Sirio 2016 was installed May 23 2021. Might as well call it one year! Anyway, it's survived many storms. Great antenna and very easy to put together and tune. Really can't compare it to my old Antron 99 because I have since changed radios to a Cobra 142 GTL that was totally recapped...
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    Diesel Shortage East Coast

    Trucking companies already are passing the buck by charging fuel surcharges. When corporate/dispatch would complain about my high idle times, I would tell them all the sitting I am doing unloading and loading is not making me any money. I would get no response.