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  1. Lil'Yeshua

    CRE 8900

    Just testing to see if my smartphone will do a comment. It wouldn't let me for two years.
  2. Lil'Yeshua

    seems kind of creepy

    I kinda remember Col. Sanders voice and that don't even come close but as long as his surviving family members are with it. P.S. I just received in the mail a $5 meal coupon from KFC for complaining about how their food seasoning is more than twice as salty as it should be. :)
  3. Lil'Yeshua


    Never did like Wheaties. :O
  4. Lil'Yeshua

    Right to carry past till now?

    WallyWorld would most likely act in accordance to staying popular to keep their sales quota up even if it means not selling firearms anymore. Wal-Mart in my opinion has gone downhill in the service area of their operations at their stores. They have become like other big box stores where they...
  5. Lil'Yeshua

    Buggy Vs Bush

    One day years ago,my grandpa was out cultivating one of his fields and couldn't get his Massey-Ferguson tractor to stop at the end of a row. He took quick action and quickly lowered his tillage tool at the tractor's rear in order to slow his descent over a 25 foot downhill embankment. Long...
  6. Lil'Yeshua

    Right to carry past till now?

    Please sign this petition to stop the ban on M855 ammo https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-batfe-banning-xm855-ammunition/XrvVh1cj Gun Gripes 97: M855 Ammo Ban:
  7. Lil'Yeshua

    Sirio Preformer 5000 Magnet Mount Antenna

    DNJ's antenna division http://www.sirioantenna.com/
  8. Lil'Yeshua

    Rate This Device.

    A makeshift choke based on what???
  9. Lil'Yeshua

    PRESIDENT Lincoln II

    Noise cancelling external speaker???
  10. Lil'Yeshua

    Looking to get ~40 mile range out of CB without 102" whip?

    Might work if all who you talk to have base stations.
  11. Lil'Yeshua

    Right to carry past till now?

    Just as a reminder for those of you who are adamant about our constitutional rights. The liberal/socialists/gun hating Michael Bloomberg 's out there haven't stopped their attack on our 2nd amendment rights,they're just going about it in a different way on the state level...
  12. Lil'Yeshua

    38 low LIVE

    Just got a reply from 01 Europe 960 South Carolina Mobile CRE-8900 Astatic RD Sirio Performer 5000
  13. Lil'Yeshua

    38 low LIVE

    22DBFL so,you're in FLA? From SC I have talked to the most southern parts of FLA. Usually when north south skip conditions prevail I can talk to NY stations but not to FLA stations. Yesterday presented special conditions. Nova Scotia was first then followed by NY,then Scotland then Montana then...
  14. Lil'Yeshua

    CRE-8900 report

    Rat Shack contact cleaner and lube does the trick for scratchy stuff.
  15. Lil'Yeshua

    Right to carry past till now?

  16. Lil'Yeshua

    38 low LIVE

    It's still happening on my end. 17 Scotland just started talking.
  17. Lil'Yeshua

    Right to carry past till now?

  18. Lil'Yeshua

    38 low LIVE

    I just talked to 1101 in Nova Scotia on my mobile but I caught him when he went up to 39 where it's not as crowded to talk to someone else. He said I was a 5 by 9 and good clean signal. 960 South Carolina Mobile.