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    would you buy this meter

    I have 2 meters, 1 aftermarket PEP kit, 5 slugs (5A, 50H, 100H, 250H and 500H), 2 leather cases and one instruction manual. I think I have $800 wrapped up in them? I'm not sure as it's been a few years since I picked them up, and I didn't get everything all at once.
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    Newbee w/ D-104 T-UG9 Question

    If memory serves me, the yellow wire is for relay controlled radios and that's why it doesn't get used in "modern" radios.
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    Galaxy 6 issues

    You never said that. I didn't know that you had been in there. I do know that the HG transistors never came in that box and the information you did give me didn't add up. Ok now that we have that straight, I think that something inside the amp isn't connected properly. Could be a trace took a...
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    I Miss....

    I miss... Common sense. It has gone completely out the window and has been replaced with insanity and wokeness.
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    Busted in VA Beach

    I saw that, but it talks about stuff that happened in the 90's I believe, Nothing recent to be sure.
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    Galaxy 6 issues

    If there are HG transistors in it, they have been changed.
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    Galaxy 6 issues

    Amplifier I assume? If you have any amplification out of the amp, the transistors are working. There is something else going on inside, and I'd suspect that It most likely happened when the transistors were changed.
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    TX Star 250 dx SWR ? (Something lost it's value ?)

    Looks like the purple wires are to turn on the SSB delay without activating the power stage reduction.
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    Never hear much about Motorola !

    I have seen a couple 23 channel Mocats. Here is one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/234599538556?mkcid=1&mkrid=711-53200-19255-0&siteid=0&customid=link&campid=5336136228&toolid=20001&mkevt=1
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    I haven't seen anything that tells me that.
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    Uniden PC-122 adjustable dead key mod ?

    You can always remove VR10 and run wires to an externally mounted 5K potentiometer.
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    Cobra 29ltd classic mystery switch

    Well VR6 (the mangled potentiometer) is for the antenna warning light. I have no clue what is going on there.
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    SWR Meter Placement For Tuning With Amplifier

    I always strive to get it as low as I can, but if you reach an impasse and it bottoms out, you can always get a good antenna tuner to keep the amp happy. Those numbers are pretty good and won't hurt anything, but a tuner can get you a near perfect match and keep the box happy, run cooler, and...
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    Vintage/classic stereo gear ?

    If you want to play multiple albums at a time, finding one of these is good, or at least repairable shape for a good price is the way to go. https://www.ebay.com/b/Dual-1219-Turntable/48649/bn_55188817 I grew up with one and remember it always sounding top notch.
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    Hope I didn't have a Blonde Moment

    All of the Uniden radios were manufactured in the Philippines. They didn't go country hopping like Cobra did.
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    Goodwill strikes again

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    Goodwill strikes again

    I sold a MKII along with the external VFO and a service manual for $750 in 2008.
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    Goodwill strikes again

    You stole that Yeasu.