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  1. Blackcat630


    TonyV225 Last seen Apr 13, 2017
  2. Blackcat630

    CB FM Mode

    Worked a dude in Texas earlier on 805. 20 over solid. Great audio.. loud but not over deviated.... I have heard several others from down south today also. I'm kinda digging this 805 FM stuff. Might park here and listen more often when the band is up.
  3. Blackcat630

    CB FM Mode

    A cobra 2000 with channels will probably get you on 26.805 BUT the 2000 doesn't have FM... (I have seem a couple heavily modified examples mostly for European use that had FM added) Listening this morning on .805 I heard a station in Georgia working someone? on FM. I guessing this is now the...
  4. Blackcat630

    Base A99 Height question

    Had one (4x6ft radial version) given to me years back. I installed it... saw no differences with antenna at 40 ft. Since I paid nothing for it, I gave it away to a buddy who said he wasn't sure if it helped or not. I have talked to folks that swear they work... I kinda feel they're a gimmick..
  5. Blackcat630

    New First 2 Meter Radio

    Good people
  6. Blackcat630

    New First 2 Meter Radio

    I love mine but might be a little much for a beginner...
  7. Blackcat630


    Received 2950 yesterday. Well packed. Took it out today. Just as described. Never unboxed til me. Hooked up... all good! Thanks again.
  8. Blackcat630

    New First 2 Meter Radio

    Sounds like you're off to a good start. I have run a couple of Diamond offerings through the years (x50,x200) with good results. Always wanted to try out the big 17ft Diamond 510 to compare its performance to my smaller dual/tri banders.
  9. Blackcat630

    New First 2 Meter Radio

    I would probably look for a duel bander. 2m 440 mobile. Something offered by the big 3. Icom/Kenwood/Yaesu. Decent power supply with a little extra current than the mobile pulls...for cushioning. A run of LMR 400 to a fiberglass vertical mounted as high as possible. Comet and Diamond make some...
  10. Blackcat630

    Ford Ranger roof mount

    A properly installed permanent roof mount will work better than a mag mount. In my experience the direct metal contact of a through hole mount provides a better counterpoise than the capacitive coupling of a mag mount antenna. Perm mount antennas also tend to play better if running an amplifier...
  11. Blackcat630

    Never hear much about Motorola !

    Never had a Motorola cb but I can attest to the build quality. My first cell phone was a Motorola and it withstood some serious abuse without issue. When I was a teen a budy had Radius P50 handheld. We joked about the fact it was indestructible. We parked his 83 Ford Thunderbird on top of it on...
  12. Blackcat630

    WTB an Eagle 5000

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't an Eagle 5000 the same as a Galaxy Saturn Turbo?
  13. Blackcat630


    Thank you
  14. Blackcat630


    Sent you a message
  15. Blackcat630

    Icom ic718 new $200.00 selling on Ebay

    Wonder what shipping from Sri Lanka costs?
  16. Blackcat630

    6-meter Magic Band question

    Good info and good write up. I run 5 elements.. (not wide spaced) at 48 ft and 100 watts. Been having fun on 6 ssb. No DX yet but I'm just getting going on 6. No digital for me either. Already planning for next summer projects. Another tower.. This may include a 6 element lfa at 70 ft and a...
  17. Blackcat630

    Everyone have a Great 4th of July

    Happy 4th to all and always remember to never let kids set off fireworks, let the adults that have been drinking all day handle it!
  18. Blackcat630

    Aussie YouTuber dumping his CB and Ham collection

    Dudes collection is mind blowing
  19. Blackcat630

    Gonna learn code. Maybe

    I always liked "Y" why did I die dah dit dah dah
  20. Blackcat630

    Needing advice on safe and inexpensive way to fall a tower

    I climb mine with an old school double D ring leather belt. Not osha approved nowadays but it works fine for me. Find a gin pole if possible or make your own.. look it up online... not real complicated. For old stubborn towers.. penetrating oil the day before is always a good move. I've used a...