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    Directional 11 meter for SSB to europe

    The Horizontal Dipole or Flat Top as Ham-universe refers to it as does promote directivity where an inverted “V” becomes omnidirectional when the ends are lowered towards the ground. The Dipole Antenna - What is a dipole Antenna?
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    Directional 11 meter for SSB to europe

    That is what I am referring to, At field day we do this to utilize any additional gain in a specific direction of interest. We have done it with both inverted V's and horizontal dipoles.
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    Directional 11 meter for SSB to europe

    Thanks 359, a simgle typo will get you every time...Meant to say point the ends NE / SE (not SW) hence the catchers mit - figurtively speaking.
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    Directional 11 meter for SSB to europe

    A horizontal dipole with the ends pointing NE & SW will give you a main lobe in an eastern direction. I generally don't bring the ends any closer than 90 degrees. Think of how a catchers mit is aimed when catching the ball...
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    Cb channels empty for the most part.

    CLL summed it up nicely... Around the Central Ia corn fields, 21 is occupied by some DSM locals, a neigboring town 60 miles south has a couple of locals every evening on 20, but the Bowl is alway going...Several operators like to ragchew up in the freeband portion...I think they want to get...
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    MAST FOR A99

    1.25" Water Pipe has worked for me many years at 20' with it attached to the house at 18'. It has held a Shakespear Bigstick and currently holds a CLR-2.
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    I've got the bug to buy another radio...

    If you didn't want a new radio, what are your thoughts for a 2nd radio dedicated to the other antennas? I like to monitor a local 6m repeater and work 20m on the other HF rig.
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    Ground system for a base antenna ?..

    At my shack, I installed three SO239 chassis mount's to a junction box along with banana plug recepticals. I plug my coax and ladderline into these when I am done with the radio. The SO239's and the box are tied together using a common ground wire going outside to a ground rod. This...
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    solid s-9 RFI

    I have experienced that when my neghbor fires up his 8N on mowing day, or my other neighbors 4H pigs wrestle against the electric fence. I suspect the fence gets disconnected sometimes! :ohmy: I am fortunate that our utilities are buried and RF doesn't affect the pigs...Sounds like time...
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    That was a great contact Eastside, especially on "super bowl" weekend!:biggrin: My hats off... I contacted Barbados West Indies the other night on 20m SSB. Good DX
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    Looking for help for perfect install

    Thanks Binrat for mentionioning the need for bonding, I get ahead of myself and figure this part of the equiation has alredy been considered. The folding mount would be a nice touch...
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    Looking for help for perfect install

    Hi all, my first thought was to utilize the Headache rack and save a hole in the roof. With the tools/materials in the bed I am sure the mount will last longer than the truck. :biggrin:
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    $30.00 garage sale score!

    Sure is sharp looking!
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    ranger 2950dx - astatic 575m6 ?

    I have played the game, gave it the college try and adjusted the internal adjustment pot down and even confirmed the audio on my other HF Rig...however that didn't please the folks on Sesame Street. I have come to the conclusion that its not my problem any longer because If Bert likes it...
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    ranger 2950dx - astatic 575m6 ?

    I haven't used this model however Eham has a few good things to say about it. http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/451 I have used a D104M6B & an Astatic 1104c (with tone/volume sliders) with my 2950dx and the locals tell me the audio is too hot, so I went back to the stock Mic. These two Mics...
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    Listening Today

    I will have to agree what others have said regarding UHF/VHF band openings. It does appear to be more of a challenge for the northern states when compared to the southern US from my experience... 2RT307 no sweat on the sched...well meet another time. For others who have an interest and...
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    Listening Today

    Good evening all, I usually get into the shack too late to hear 10m let alone 6m...on the other hand before the band went long tonight, I was able to contact Barbados West Indies & the Czech Rep. on 20m phone using an 80m full wave loop at 20' running an IC730 @ 30w, the other night was...
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    Passed General Last Night!

    Congratulations 2RT307, Hope to talk to you on the band some time...
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    D104's anyone???

    I may have charged too much when I sold a beat up Tug-8 (non amplified) for $45. :wink:
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    D104's anyone???

    It is an impressive collection to say the lease!