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    Beyond confused

    With those VNAs you need to do the calibration every time you change the cable you're running from the VNA to the antenna feedpoint if you want accuracy.
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    Reasonable transportable static mobile antenna?

    I've chucked an Imax 2000 in the car before, found a quiet spot, tied it to a fence post with bungie cords, thrown a few 9ft radials out and it's worked great for DX. If I were doing a beam it'd be a Moxon. I've got one with a center pole where the spreaders form an X and are telescoping. It...
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    CB FM Mode

    Makes no difference what mode you're using the antenna on when it comes to tuning it, it's the frequency. So you tune it just the same as you ever have done. When you tune the antenna in AM and get a specific SWR when you change to FM mode it'll be the same SWR.
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    Mobile installs aren't fun

    You can. What you need is an antenna analyser, a quarter wave whip for the frequency you want to operate on and a very very short length of coax to go from the mount to the antenna analyser. As we know the feedpoint impedance of a 1/4 wave antenna at resonance over a perfect ground is 36.8...
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    Kind of not CB but kinda is

    Just worked ARRL Headquarters, W1AW, 3,300 miles. If you want to try to work Europe now's the time.
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    Kind of not CB but kinda is

    Band conditions are rocking today. Just doing IARU HF contest using my President McKinley on 10m and an Imax 2000 25ft off the floor. D4K in Cape Verde from Northern England, 2890 miles, got through second call with 20W.
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    Base W-I-D-E Banded 2008

    Hmmm....not convinced there's nothing wrong. It's supposed to have a bandwidth below 2:1 of 1750kHz. Usually when you see a low SWR over that much bandwidth it's because of loss somewhere. My Imax 2000 is supposed to have a bandwidth below 2:1 of 2MHz and that what it has on the end of 100ft of...
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    Thinking about a mobile amp again...

    Kenwood TS480, they even do a 200W version.
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    Everyone's thoughts on the siro m-400 starduster

    Its a take on the Thunderpole 3 which used to be popular in the UK in the 80s when CB and the 1.5 metre maximum antenna length was policed. That used a center loading coil instead of a cap hat (the short radials) like the M400 does.
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    Convert the extension cb jack to line out audio

    How about getting something like a Behringer 802 mixer, feeding it into the 2 track phono input on that? The Q802USB also has USB output and appears as a USB soundcard which would make recording on PC so much simpler. It has parametric EQ too so you can tweak the audio to take out some of the...
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    1/2 wave Vs 5/8 wave vertical for DX?

    At that height from experience up to around 6,000 miles definitely. Above 6000 miles the vertical will start to win. What direction it is in will have some effect on what you hear. With it horizontal the radiation and reception is broadside so if it's pointing north-south you'll hear east-west...
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    1/2 wave Vs 5/8 wave vertical for DX?

    Horizontal dipole will beat any vertical as long as you can get it at least half a wavelength high so about 16ft for CB. Ideally you'd have two antennas, a vertical for local, a horizontal dipole or beam for DX.
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    Antennas & DX

    Yes. I do a lot of mobile operating and as I'm driving down the road the signal of a a DX station goes up and down as I'm driving. If I turn around and go back the same way it peaks and troughs at exactly the same points. Think of the radio signals from a DX station acting like a torch shone at...
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    Dealing with "roof ribs" in mobile installs

    By the time you've put in plates and all that nonsense to find that it'll be great resisting movement front to back but not left to right unless you're going to make plates with the same contour as the roof, using a puck mount would've been much better and easier. Breedlove Mounts do do puck...
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    President Randy II fcc with FM

    The range is the same when comparing the same power output at the PA, you'll not be able to tell the difference.
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    Wilson 5K Magmount on metal table problems

    When you improve the RF ground you'll find you need to shorten the antenna to bring it back into tune where you want.
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    Swr and rain?

    Yes that's perfectly possible. Because RF flows over the surface of a conductor and not through it anything that affects that surface and alters the velocity factor of the conductor will alter how electrically long the radiator appears to RF. You will most likely find that the SWR went up on...
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    Looking for a small footprint bean antenna.

    Moxon rectangle. Excellent performance and small. Used one for contesting on 10m and even at 16ft high it was a great performer.
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    Wilson 5K Magmount on metal table problems

    Two options: 1) Get a few 9ft lengths of wire and attach them to the table. 2) Deliberately use the coax as a RF ground. Measure 9ft back from the magmount and put in a coil. Now you can't just do any random coiling up of the coax, it needs to be made to be tuned for the frequency we need it...
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    General lee half in half out

    I know it may be teaching you to suck eggs but have you tried it with the mike disconnected in case it's a problem with the mike?