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    RCI 2970N2 Mounting screw thread size?

    Like the title says, what size thread for the 4 mounting screws on a 2970N2? Black screen, green numbers. 5mm or 6mm? Bracket for a 148 will work right? Thanks
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    WTB: Uniden PRO510XL/520XL/Cobra 19 or other cheap radio & mag mount

    Looking for some inexpensive equipment to set up for a friend I go off roading with. I think the 510, 520, or Cobra 19 would be great for compact size, but if the price is right, anything goes. Ideally comes with a mic, doesn't have to be the original. Also looking for a compact mag mount...
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    Palomar Mini Magnum - 1xSD1446 Worth buying?

    Have a line on what the seller claims to be a clean "Palomar Mini Magnum" with a SD1446. All I have is a picture of the inside, which looks very clean and unmolested. He says on a wattmeter, it goes to 10W when he keys it, then the tapers off to zero. Worth buying for $40? There aren't a...
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    Magnum 257HP Power Adjustment

    Have a 257HP that does 1.8 or so watts with the variable all the way down, and a hair under 18w with the variable all the way up. I thought the high was a bit too much, so I looked inside and the VR that controls that was all the way down to the stop already. Turning it the other way indeed made...
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    Dusting off a Sweet Sixteen, everything look ok?

    Got this amp from a very good friend who fell SK several years ago and it's been on the shelf since. Decided to dust it off and perhaps put it in the mobile. Thought I should pop it open and make sure everything is kosher before I hook it up. Looks okay to me, but lets be real, what do I...
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    WTB: Galaxy 979

    Had a 979 as my first radio, ended up selling it. Even though I have "bigger and better" now, wouldn't mind having another one, it was a nice, simple radio, no frills. Looking for something clean and stock, no mods. Peak and tune or aligned to spec are a plus. If you have one you want to get...
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    Multiple antenna placement on SUV

    Hey there, finally gonna get around to drilling holes in my truck for a Breedlove puck mount. Vehicle is a 1999 Toyota 4Runner, with sunroof. I'm also an amateur, so I plan on adding an NMO mount for my 2/70 dualband, and another for a future UHF DMR or P25 radio. Based on the difficulties in...
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    WTB Stock Magnum 257 or Omegaforce S45 Mic

    Looking for a stock mic for a Magnum 257 or Omegaforce S45, the factory power mic with the up/down buttons on the front. Should be in decent shape. Thanks!
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    Bypassing driver in Texas Star DX667V?

    I inherited a 667V from a friend who passed away. Used to have a 500V and it worked great with a 2950DX I also wish I didn't sell. Most of the radios I have are way too much for the 667 (Magnum 257, Magnum S45HP, 2970DX), but would be about right with a straight 4 pill. I have a Grant XL that...
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    Mobile 102" whip tunes great, but other antennas won't

    Helping a friend with his mobile. Vehicle is a Ram Promaster van, big roof, mount looks well installed. He has some sort of competition-style open coil antenna on a roof mounted puck. No matter how we adjust the stinger, we can't get SWR on various meters or my MFJ-259B below 1.8-1.9 on 1 and...
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    2970N2 Fan Behavior

    Hey there WWDX. I have a 2970N2 that I got from the family of a friend who went SK several years ago. Its been sitting in storage for a bit, so I figure I would check it out on the bench before I put it back into service. Everything looks good, except the fan's behavior is a bit puzzling...
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    Where to send Magnum 257HP for repair?

    Have a Magnum 257HP in nice condition, was owned by a good friend who passed away a few years ago. Radio has an intermittent problem where power output will drop to 0. I noticed that when I loosen one of the screws on the bottom cover, it doesn't seem to act up. With the bottom cover off, if...
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    CR577 problem

    Got a RF Limited CR577, which has been working great for me. Recently, it started acting strange. When I key the mic and apply a constant tone, the watt meter slowly rises to full output. Using the stock mic on the radio, the watts quickly jump to full output as expected. Once the output...
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    RCI 2950DX - Internally adj. power?

    Got a 2950DX driving a Texas Star 350HDV. With the variable power all the way down (box off), I'm still getting about 30W swing on sideband. AM gets me 2.5W swinging 8-9W, no problem there, although 1.5-2W would probably be a little better. I want to turn down the low-power on the 2950DX a...
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    Tuning 102" Whip?

    Alright, replaced my mag mount Wilson 5000 with a nice 4-1/2" Breedlove puck mount and a Radioshack 102" SS whip and a roughly 4-1/2" spring. SWRs on a MFJ 259B were way off, lowest somewhere around 31-32MHz so I welded up a roughly 2-1/2" spacer that sits under the springs, for testing...
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    RM Italy KL-503 Lost Bias?

    Friend gave me a KL-503 that has been giving him fits. His mobile sounded great on AM, but on SSB, with his S45 driving the KL, driving a TS Sweet Sixteen, he sounded awful. I can best describe it as choppy and crunchy. We thought it was the radio, but swapping in another S45 and also a 257...
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    DTB "IF Filter Mod" for RCI 29xx radios?

    Looking at getting a 2950DX from DTB and noticed he offers a "IF Filter mod". The website describes it as: SSB IF filter modification for RCI 2950/70DX, and RCI6900 series single-sideband radios with surface-mount (smt) circuit boards. Reduces excessive sideband receiver noise associated...
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    Unhacking a Galaxy 949

    Hey all. Bought a used Galaxy 949 several months back when I first got into CB. Little did I know it was pretty old, and hacked up. Oh well. To make a bad situation better, I've already cleaned it up, and replaced the faded meter. Now I'm gonna go ahead and unhack it. From what I can...
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    Set up base station, bleeding the neighbors

    Hey there. Just put up my Sirio Vector 4000 yesterday, with a 100ft run of LMR400 under the house to the radio, an old Cobra 139XLR (Also tried the Galaxy 979 from my mobile with similar results). Anyway, after about 15 minutes of ragchew with a buddy (fantastic TX and RX I might add), my...
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    Uniden PC 244 - Alignment Help

    Hey there, my friend gave me three PC 244 that he bought as a lot, since a 244 was the first SSB radio he had, and he wants one. They're all a bit rough, one looks like it's speaker was blown, and has wires running through the back of the case for what appears to have been an external speaker...