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    Microphone Labradoodle?

    Not sure who left the microphones unsupervised………………..
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    Mic cord sleeve

    What is the best thing to use for a sleeve on the cord when installing a mic jack on a small diameter cord? The cord is the same size or slightly less than the plug even fully tightened. The strain relief boots I find are not made correct for this. Does anyone make tubing specifically for this...
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    Turner Expander 400 mic

    Does anyone know the correct wiring for installing a 4 pin Cobra on an Expander 400? Thanks for any information. -Jim
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    DX-5000 Programming

    Here are a few screenshots from the PC programming that comes with the DX-5000. Also, the noise reduction circuit (separate from ANL/NB) is really amazing. I can not believe how well it works. Each band can have 60 channels programmed. The D band is normal CB when converted. Everything is done...
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    Well I couldn’t just sit by and watch everyone buying new radios, so I joined in.
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    WANTED Icom 7000 remote kit/cable

    Looking for a complete remote mounting kit for the Icom 7000 or just the separation cable alone. Thanks.
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    Astatic 575/Road Devils/Turner mics

    Several 575 mics. One (1) still sealed in a coffee mug from Astatic (some kind of promotion). $300 One (1) like new in the box. $175 One (1) no box very good used. $100 One (1) Road Devil ...Black, not red. New in the factory pack. $65 Also have a few Turner hand mics if anyone is...
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    Radios and equipment for sale

    I have several radios for sale: Ranger 2970N2 Ranger 2950 Stryker 955HP Magnum S9 Magnum S9175 Ranger 2980wx Ranger 2995dx President Lincoln (2) Uniden HR2510 (2) President George (3) Emperor 5010 (2) Uniden Grant (2) RG-99 Connex 566SB RCI 3900HP if you see anything you might be interested...
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    Stryker 955HPC

    I have a 955hpc and the volume of the internal speaker is not loud enough, even using as a base. Never had this issue with any radio, but did read that the radio had a small internal speaker but never any posts about lack of volume. Is there anything that can be done? What about the amplified...
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    WTB: Emperor 5010

    Looking for a NOS or mint Emperor 5010. Preferable with box and all original accessories. If you have anything please PM me. Thanks.
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    Wanted: President George and Grant DX

    Looking for a NOS or mint President George and a President Grant DX. Please send me a message if you have anything. Thanks.
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    strain relief mic cord boot

    Needing to re-wire some older hand microphones with new cords. Does anyone know a vendor for a strain relief boot to go at the mic to transition down to the smaller cords? I have the tubing sleeves to go at the plug end so the plug will clamp correctly. Thanks for any information.
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    95T2 for sale

    Have a 95t2 for sale. Like new, box, bracket, stock mic, accessory pack, etc. Probably has 3 hrs of talk time on it. Can email pics to anyone interested. Price is $320. Great radio. Came from Sparkys. One item is non stock, I shortened the power cord to use quick connects for power cable already...