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    Heathkit sb200 issue

    Wondering if anyone has any insight. Purchased a clean sb200, RTO electronics went through the amplifier in 2012, replaced relay for newer transceivers. My issue is I cannot get more than 250w output. HV idle voltage is 2400, keydown 2100 volts. 10w drive give 200w out, 20w in and barely 250w...
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    Another HR2510 problem

    Picked up a HR2510, display lights, all controls work. However very low RX an no TX, close stations can barely be understood. I attempted to do an alignment, but couldn't get PLL aligned. Voltages at IC312,311 are in check. Voltage at voltage regulator is correct per specs. Anyone know where I...
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    JB-12 trimmer capacitor

    Just picked up a JB-12 modualtor with a broken trimmer capacitor on the back. Would anyone know the value of this pot or know what I could replace this with? Much appreciated Thanks
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    Zachary T squeal

    Zach T, same board as Cobra 29/89xlr, some others. No matter what mic, radio has high pitched squeal, rf feedback, in tx. Audio sounds tinny. I've added grounds, caps from audio/ground, turned audio pot down (helped some), aligned the radio. Sounds like a bad leaky cap, but maybe something...
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    11m Moxon vs 5/8GP

    I currently run a Sirio S-827 35' up, works wonderful, excellent DX vertical and hear stations my locals either cannot hear or have a hard time hearing. I am also in a great location, with good elevation. My question is, will the MFJ Moxon horizontal antenna outperform the vertical for DX...
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    Board swap...2950/2990

    I needed to replace the board in my 2990. Found a good working 2950 board (CPU was junk). Everything works as should after figuring out the jumpers and such. However, what is needed to be done to convert this down to one final transistor? I was looking at the old board and trying to figure out...
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    Another rci-2990 problem

    Picked up another 2990 (why?, I don't know) with problems. Here is what is wrong. Low RX on ssb, tx is perfect No AM RX audio, signals are coming in perfect. TX is Perfect Scratchy noise, not whooshing on all modes...mostly on AM though "ON AIR" led is always lit on RX, TX is turns off...
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    WTB: RCI 2970/2990 MAIN BOARD

    Long shot I know... Looking for a known good main board for RCI-2970/90, Saturn Turbo. (EPT295013Z) I have one with way too many problems, but everything else is mint. Thanks!
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    Kenwood TS-430

    I have owned this radio for many years and has served as my pride and joy every time I've used it. I have since upgraded and time to let her go. Radio works flawless, does show little sign of wear, has AM filter YK-88A installed, no FM board as I've never used FM. I have made many contacts all...
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    Couple radios for sale

    MINT! Galaxy 99v, original version. Recently tuned and LOUD audio, radio is flawless and works as should. $250 shipped RCI-2990, radio works well but has been used. I bought this non working, did a tune-up, got everything aligned except SSB RX is low...full output however. Everything else...
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    TX audio mods

    Can someone tell me how to widen the tx audio bandwidth a bit on either the Galaxy 99v (old version) or an original rci-2950? I've been reading up a ton on hifi audio, but it is not something I really want to dig into right now...however I have no problem changing out caps/etc. Much appreciated!
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    Starting to clean out some stuff and I'll let this one go. Good condition RCI-2990, recently replaced signal meter, excellent AM swing....however the SSB has low receive. It does transmit on all modes. Sell for $275 shipped.
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    11m delta loop question

    I am going to attempt to build an 11m delta loop, but have a question. On this style, do all 3 wires connect together? Also, the 75ohm coax..can this be coiled or have to be left straight? I am going to try to get this up as high as possible and hopefully outperform my vertical for DX and...
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    Couple pics of my radios

    Here are a couple radios I run from time to time.
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    RCI-2990 SSB low receive

    Have an older 2990, just aligned and works perfect in AM/FM modes except receive on SSB. Have to turn volume all the way up to hear anything. Was told to check d37, checked out fine. What else can I check, would like to get this radio back up to perfect shape. Thanks
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    Firebird f-500 mod

    How difficult would it be to make a Firebird f-500, Kicker k-500, Palomar skipper 500, 1 6lq6 driving 3 into a "high drive" straight 4-6lq6 amp?
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    HIFI audio on AM, ts-430s?

    Is it possible to direct inject tx audio on the ts430s on AM? I mainly use this rig on ssb but tinkering around the idea of using it on AM and would love to do a hifi setup. What needs to be done? Worth it?
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    Siltronix 1011d w/matching frequency counter

    I have a Siltronix 1011d with matching freq. counter taking up space in the shack. Comes with original owners manual, AC cord but no microphone. The radio itself is in real nice shape, everything works as it should. Asking best offer on this radio, will have more stuff posted soon as well. Pics...
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    TS440S question

    Can someone tell me exactly how to use my pre-amplified microphone bypassing the audio section. I believe I need to use the Data input, however I am not exactly sure. Thanks for the help!