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  1. Enterprise312ok

    Texas star/outcom Dx-600 repill

    I have an Outcom dx600 with 1 0r 2 blown mrf454 pills. What do all you amp experts think I should put back? 2 hg454s or 4 hg2879s? I have a 667v faceplate and variable that could be added but I just want to get the thing back up to full output or a little better. I have recently started...
  2. Enterprise312ok

    President Washington In oklahoma

    Sweet washington with digiscan vfo found on craigslist. I want the digi-scan. Anyone need an 858 wasington? https://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/ele/d/ada-cb-base/7508117085.html
  3. Enterprise312ok

    Lincoln II +v3 or Anytone 5555+ v6 (not n)

    I really like the look and layout of the anytone more, but my local shop has the lincoln. Also have any members used cw mode on theses radios? I am thinking of getting my ticket and learning morse one of these days. I talk a lot of sideband and am and would like to have the fm also. from my...
  4. Enterprise312ok

    New restoration project: President JFK

    Ok I am ready to join the fm craze one of my good cb buddies has an fm cb skip club, but I only talk on vintage rigs so I have been looking for a president jfk or jackson. Well my other good cb buddy has a cb shop and we went digging for rusty gold In his storage and he found a jfk for me. The...
  5. Enterprise312ok

    Wanted: 3 sweep tube or larger mobile amp

    Just wanted to see what is out there. I really like the palomar 310m and the varmint xl 400 and xl 600. Wanting some old school heat to go behind my cobra 138xlr. Dont really have the cash just yet but I Like something to work towards. I am in oklahoma but willing to pay shippimg if no local...
  6. Enterprise312ok

    Three or four switch Uniden washington channel mod HELP

    Ok so as usual while doing one radio project a clumsy accident causes another. While installing a frequency counter in my uniden washington I dropped the bottom cover with the three channel switches and the 5kc switch and pulled some of the wires lose from all three channel switches. Does anyone...
  7. Enterprise312ok

    Needing advice on safe and inexpensive way to fall a tower

    Ok my brother in law has given me his dad's old antenna tower, Maybe some of you fourum members can share your advice and experience.
  8. Enterprise312ok

    Need a little help unhacking a washington

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum I have been operating cb radios for about 6 months now and have recently aquired a Uniden washington with A 4 switch channel mod that I like. The washington does have a couple issues though The main issue Is a feedback squeal on tx when vr6 Is at normal...