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  1. K

    FT-900 RF PWR Mod

    Hey Guys, I just purchased an FT-900 at Dayton and would like to do the RF Power mod on it, has anyone done this mod? does anyone have any pictures of the pot you have to adjust, know anyone who has done this mod?
  2. K


    Looking for a tribander, very cheap, for portable and/or field day ops. doesnt matter what the size, I.E....th3, th5 th6 th7 or whatever, please let me know if you have one laying around that you could part with cheaply.
  3. K

    Dentron Amp

    Good Morning all, I have a Dentron Clipperton V VHF amp that I would like to do the 6 meter Mod too, but am not that advanced in electronics, has anyone here done this mod and have pictures or are any of you local that could actually do the mod? I have the prints for it.
  4. K

    6 meter beam question

    ok question, I have a boom thats 31 feet long, and am wanting to build a 6 element 6 meter beam with it and I dont want to cut the boom, does anyone know of a 6 element design that will fit on a 31 foot boom, like a long boom 6 of some sort?