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  1. DR456

    Icom ic718 new $200.00 selling on Ebay

    Check this out . Is this a scam or a great bargain. IC718/ Ham Antenna Tape /& Chart. Bundle.
  2. DR456


    I have a board from a junk Yaesu FT101B. I am trying to identify one of the filters . It is unmarked completely no stamps no numbers. Can anyone tell if it's for AM or CW?
  3. DR456

    Eagle Tomahawk Receive Mod

    Does anybody know which diodes to change to do a schottky receive mod on the eagle tomahawk.
  4. DR456

    Mirage 2950ex

    I have had this radio for about a year and it slowly started to lose am receive. At this time it was still transmitting fine with good modulation. Now most of the time it has no receive on am . When I key the the microphone it has very Low rf power on am 3/4 watt with variable turned wide open...
  5. DR456

    Galaxy dx 88 hl

    Trying to help a friend get set up. He has a galaxy dx 88 hl no receive and malfunctioning 10 khz jump switch I fixed the receive problem D77 with (2) 1n4148 in series. The 10 khz switch in the normal position the frequency meter reads 24635. The unit does not have tx power. No receive or...
  6. DR456

    Northstar NS9500

    My rf power is fluctuating from 1/2 to 12 watts . I set the dead key on 2 1/2 watts to drive my amp. Could this be a bad final? Or a bad capacitor? I have not opened the radio yet. I suspect it could be a capacitor near the voltage regulator. Cb tricks symptoms and cure database has been down...
  7. DR456

    Galaxy symptoms and cures database

    Anybody have a hard copy of the Galaxy symptoms and cures database from the CB Tricks website. This part of the website has been down for weeks.
  8. DR456

    Sidewinder 350 / sd1076 transistors

    Any information on the sidewinder 350 would be great. Also need the transistor rating specifications. Take a look at it. Looks like it got pretty hot..
  9. DR456

    Predator 400 amplifier

    Can anyone explain why the rf output is wrapped around the input. Is this some kind of cooling choke?
  10. DR456

    Predator 400 amplifier

    Does anyone have a schematic for this amp? It' a 4 mrf455 unit. Any information is welcome. Recommend dead key etc:
  11. DR456

    Rci 2950 early version. Am receive fades out only strong signals are heard

    Hi I have a rci 2950 early version. Am receive fades out only the strongest signals are heard. Receive working fine in all other modes. Replaced the backup battery. I checked the solder welds on the am regulator and other board to chassis components. I have checked the front protector diodes...
  12. DR456

    Washington no swing

    I have a Uniden Washington 8719 pll /pc385 board. This radio was working fine with a 3w deadkey swinging to 12w on a/m. Talking on it when a friend told me that one minute it was swinging and the next it just a deadkey. R104 was already cut. Any idea what is causing this?
  13. DR456

    Louisiana Style

    Washington is still the President of the station. BLACK SHEEP / DR456 DX Rules.
  14. DR456

    Rf and Oil pressure gauge

    Hey DX Land. I have a 2003 Chevy avalanche. Uniden radio and 225 w. Box. Here is the deal. When I key up with the linear on hi or lo power. My oil pressure gauge drop to zero and the warning bell started digging. I think it's rf but I'm looking for a fix.