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  1. Dark Star

    Cobra 148 GTL variable deadkey mod

    Hi all, I couldn't find a direct answer to this anywhere so I apologize in advance if this topic is in another thread that I may have overlooked. I need to get a variable deadkey on my 148 GTL. I would like to tie it into my rf gain pot if possible. Can this be done to a 148 or no? I have it on...
  2. Dark Star

    Sirio 827 base antennae issue

    Hi all, not even sure if there is an issue or not with this antenae. After assembling this antennae I checked for any shorts. I was getting full continuity between center pin and SO-239 at antennae base. I called Sirio support and was told this was normal because this is a DC grounded antennae...
  3. Dark Star

    Protronix 3610 Sinad meter?

    Hi all, So I've been looking for an affordable sinad meter for awhile now and found this one on flea bay. I've been trying to locate documentation for it online but have searched everywhere to no avail. I'm mostly interested in it's calibration procedure. It appears similar to the Sinadder and...
  4. Dark Star

    Turner SSB Transistorized restoration

    Hi all, I don't know whether or not this topic is worthy of it's own thread but I couldn't find one to build on so here it is... I'm trying to restore an old Turner+2 SSB Transistorized desk mic and can't seem to find a good touch up paint for the blue color on the mic. Has anybody ever found a...
  5. Dark Star

    No modulation on Turner JM+2/U

    Hi everyone. I am trying to revive an old Turner JM+2/U and am getting very little modulation out of it. This mic was hardly used and appears to be in excellant shape but there's something not right. I've checked and have good grounding to foil throughout and up to the switch and I am getting 7v...