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  1. joey1953

    "Miracle Power Cord" fixes major RFI issue...

    "Miracle Power Cord" fixes major RFI issue I had the same issue with my LCD tv which was fed by Directv. I could of used the Miracle Power Cord to fix my problem. However my problem was solved when I dumped Directv for AT &T Uverse. No more problems.
  2. joey1953

    What are ya'lls prefessions??

    Retired from an Electric Utlility 4 years ago after 37 years. Started as a draftsman, moved up to engineering. Finally the last 9 years was a crew Supv. On the Electric Distribution side of the company..... Ie Poles and wires, overhead and underground.
  3. joey1953

    Hello all! Noob here with questions!

    Ham Exams As others have stated you can take the test online at Eham. That's what I did for the Technician test. I also have an ipad and downloaded an app for both the Tech and General test. Read the questions and take the test over and over till you pass with more than 90% correct...
  4. joey1953

    Newbee needs help... torn between Yeasu 897D and FT 450D

    I've got the Ft 857D....and it's on the noisy side.... I still use it as a mobile radio in my truck. I wish I'd bought the Icom 7000. In my shack I've got a Icom 756 Pro... I bought used for less than a $1000.
  5. joey1953

    Baofeng UV-5R Plus Kit 136-174/400-520MHz review

    Did you get the programming cable and try to connect to the radio? I've got Windows 8 and the drivers wouldn't work. I tried all the drivers on the web site....nothing worked. Finally removed all the drivers from the computer and connected the cable and let Windows 8 use a generic driver and...
  6. joey1953

    MFJ-259 Antenna Analyzer

    I've got one and had a similar problem. Inside there's a jumper for bateries or rechargables....it wasn't making a good connection. I soldered a little wire for using it with the wall charger....problem solved. You could test the 259 by taping on the unit to see if it starts to work.....that...
  7. joey1953

    TYT TH-9000 opinions?

    Radio Mart and the TYT 9000 220 mhz version I read the same reports about Radio Mart. Most where on used stuff going to Europe. Four of us in Florida decided to take a chance and ordered the 220 Mhz version. Radio Mart delivered as promised and they work great. So far no regrets. Just be...
  8. joey1953

    Well that was fun :(

    Wow, I thought I did something wrong and couldn't get in to find out why.