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    Fan speed too fasssssttttt Help

    Hi I have a 12 volt fan was on a car radiator I want to use it to suck the heat out of my ham shack, but it turns too fast what can I put in the 12 v circuit to adjust the speed? Thanks for responding and looking.. Cap If a variable potentiometer will work what is the Resistance value for the...
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    Ohms or No Ohms qusestion

    I recently put up a 2 meter antenna for my vhf transceiver after putting the coax connectors on and hoked it up I get a reading of 50 ohms on my volt ohm meter accross the tip and the sheilded side does this sound correct my other antenna a 10 40 meter ground plane has no reading at all on...
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    The orginal antenna tuner for the yaesy ft-840 was the fc 10 I am wondering if the YAESU FC-20 HF/50 MHz AUTOMATIC ANTENNA TUNER will work any one done this ???? Thanks for L@@king.........:rolleyes:
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    Anyone done the diode mod yaesu 840???

    Im getting ready to replace the diodes any suggestions???
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    Has anybody have a scanner in there ham shack??

    Here is a nice Scanner Antenna you could build for best reception in your area. This antenna took me about 6 hours to build with stuff I had around the shop, just got a scanner on ebay hope you enjoy these pics and please build your one for your self and feel free to use the one I made as...
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    HF 6-160 VERTICAL antenna best price??

    I would like to buy a 6-160 M VERTICAL antenna to put on a base station pole probably 20 ft in the air. any good deals out their. I can make a base mount. I have an antenna tuner mjb. Thanks for looking....
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    Does this anntenna really work on all bands?

    Has anyone bought one of these and does it work good? W8AMZ G5RV Multi Band 10-80m Dipole HF Antenna NEW" 2Kw on ebay for $75.00 bucks or so?? compared to a trap dipole? I have a yaesu ft840 transceiver. Thanks for looking. and responding!!
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    Splicing coax cable???

    If I splice coax cable will I get signal loss, I need 150 ft of cable I have 100 ft and another 100ft and need to splice it. can I use rg 6 for a multi-band hf antenna??
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    PVC for antanna poles???

    Hi, newbie here I'm thinking of using a 1 1/4 " pvc sch 40 x 3= 30ft for a dipole with guide wires is this a good idea ???