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    i have a nice nve viking antenna impedance matching network tuner will trade for a nice antenna rotor or solid state 10 meter amp or sell best offer thanks carlholly68att.net
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    browning marl 111

    my set of eagles has a transmiter 9inx10in can some one tell me what year mfg. and if they worth keeping w/great just dont know also got a glen 326g vfo will it work on this transmitter radio does have ssb but is onlt 23ch tks.
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    b/mark 111

    i want to buy the small transmitter cover 9inwx10inx6in or some one to fix scraches
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    maco 300

    i have put too many watts in my maco 300 and now it want key up please how do i fix it
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    yaesu ft757gx

    i just received my yaesu ft 757gx it only receives fm only radio stations does not transmit when i key the mic am i doing something wrong i do not have a manual with it came from estate sale radio and fp757gx power/s and mic look ex. should i send it back or send it to some one to ck it out im...
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    i want to put up 4 ele. hoz. 10meter beam but also i want a maco v58 on top i plane on 2independent runs of 400 coax can i do this please tell me how thanks carl in alabama