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  1. TM86

    Rarest cb / export you’ve owned

    There's a schematic and tune up info in Secret CB Volume 19. They've got the manufacturer listed as "Marco" for the schematic, but "Marko" for the tune up info. Looks like it's yet another Cybernet PLL02A variant.
  2. TM86

    Found a Video on a Mod and wondering about it.

    It's been discussed here. https://www.worldwidedx.com/threads/dds-vfo.262744/ My personal opinion is it's a bit invasive. But if you've got an unobtainium PLL or VCO that's bad it's one way to get a dead radio back on the air.
  3. TM86

    What electronics have YOU fixed lately?

    Had to replace my washer's water pump last month. Good luck to you in your endeavor.
  4. TM86

    HTX-10 freq expansion with resistor?

    Wasn't that a Moody Blues song, "In Search of the Lost Diode"?
  5. TM86

    Courier classic II AC DC power plug.

    Which I just happen to have. AC: Pin 4 hot, pin 8 Neutral. Short pins 2 and 3 together. Short pins 5 and 6 together. DC negative ground: Negative to pins 2 and 3. Positive to pins 9 and 10. DC positive ground: Negative to pins 10 and 11. Positive to pins 1 and 2. (Just threw this in...
  6. TM86

    CB FM Mode

    There's the DigiMax. Not quite as large a change to the radio as the DDS-VFO. http://www.circuitdomain.com/Shop/product_info.php?products_id=41
  7. TM86

    CB FM Mode

    It is, but I don't think anyone has the same type of kit domestically right now.
  8. TM86

    CB FM Mode

    They can; http://funkservice.at/en_fm-modul.htm
  9. TM86


    Spartan PLL is in Sams CB 191. If you ask Dan McClain for the Spartan info from that book in the "Sams PhotoFacts Collection" thread he may be able to help you. I say may because he may not have that particular book. If he doesn't, eBay probably does. One of the more experienced members here...
  10. TM86

    Cobra 139 mod

    He posts stuff to YouTube as well. I ran across one of his videos just yesterday. https://www.youtube.com/c/RazorRadios/videos
  11. TM86

    Old uniden Grant PC409ac board

    MB8719 PLL chip marks this as a second generation radio. First generation were uPD858. So probably the earliest this would have been made would be about 1978.
  12. TM86

    Turner Super Sidekick Recap

    I bought the kit from Klondike Mike (before I realized the little IC was the problem). The values in there weren't exactly the same, IIRC, but were as close as what's commonly available today will allow.
  13. TM86

    Turner Super Sidekick Recap

    I use mouser pretty often. If you're willing to pay 7.99 for the shipping they'll sell you a single item. I tend to wait and do slightly larger orders, but that's just me. I look at DigiKey every so often and I have ordered from them at times, but I find Mouser easier to navigate. I only use...
  14. TM86

    ARF 2001 microphone info wanted

    Well, that's interesting. Did not know that was an option.
  15. TM86

    ARF 2001 microphone info wanted

    Going for the longshot. Looking for a schematic for the speech processor board that ARF stuffed inside the base of the D104's they modified. Even a reverse engineered and drawn on lined paper diagram would suffice. I'm guessing that the microphones themselves have been unobtainium for at...
  16. TM86

    I Miss....

    I was in an antique store with the XYL earlier today, and on a peg they had Radio Shack packaged electronics. 555 chip, double flip flop, and a small audio transformer were what I saw, with more stuff behind those. They may have had more stock than the actual Radio Shack in town.
  17. TM86

    JC Penney 6241

    There's a truth chart in Sam's 235. It looks a bit odd in that channel 1 appears to be all 0's. Until you realize that pin 8 has binary weight of 128 and is tied to +5V, and the N-code for channel 1 is 128. So there's no point in isolating pin 8, as it's already at a logic high (+5V). Why...
  18. TM86

    I Miss....

    I miss turning on the radio and struggling to find an open channel.