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  1. 9C1Driver

    Mag mount Mobil antenna.

    I would not want to run more then 600 watts on a Mag Mount anyway.
  2. 9C1Driver

    Source for VTG President parts

    Not sure if they have what you want but here are some places. https://www.icamanufacturing.com/index.php?route=common/home https://stores.goldeneagleradios.com/
  3. 9C1Driver

    HTX-10 freq expansion with resistor?

    If that is the case then many many very smart techs have been searching for this diode for over 20 years now.
  4. 9C1Driver


    All you can do is trouble shoot. Double check the settings on the radio. Make sure the power cord connection is good (check fuse). Make sure the antenna coax is tight. Try a different mic. If this does not work then it's time to run the radio in another car or base to see if it works there. My...
  5. 9C1Driver

    CB FM Mode

    26.805 is channel 23 one band below cb channel 1. It would be considered in the "freeband". When surfing the freebands you will find SSB skip above cb channel 40 and AM skip below cb channel 1. Do a web search for cb freebands to learn more. People must be trying different channels on FM...
  6. 9C1Driver

    WTB top cover

    https://stores.goldeneagleradios.com/ Not sure how stocked up they are right now but if anyone will have it they will.
  7. 9C1Driver

    Uniden pro 510 xl

    For the money the Uniden 510 and 520 radio's are great little talkers. Probably won't have enough room for this but hey maybe you could mod the speaker cover. http://www.88radio.com/AD-203
  8. 9C1Driver

    Uniden pro 510 xl

    I was trying to help. Your first post gave little information on your situation. I figured you either had a radio with a blown final or you thought a mosfet mod would magically give you 50 watts. If you have several of those and you want to mess around go for it. Since they are so in-expensive...
  9. 9C1Driver

    Uniden pro 510 xl

    If the final is blown replace it with the same one. If it is a working radio leave the final section alone.
  10. 9C1Driver

    TX Star 250 dx SWR ? (Something lost it's value ?)

    Agreed. Someone added this delay so full power output can be obtained on SSB. I think in stock trim on SSB there are only two stages of power.
  11. 9C1Driver

    RM Amplifier

    Great little amplifier for the money, new they are 75-80 bucks. If you want yours to last turn your dead key down to say 1.5 watts. On SSB I would run 8-12 watts PEP. If you get long winded I would also add a small fan. Here is a nice review below from CB Radio Magazine...
  12. 9C1Driver

    307 Amps?

    That is what Peakaboo built, a very nice regulated AB amplifier. I loved the one I had, should never have sold it.
  13. 9C1Driver

    Ranger RCI-2995DX Clarifier

    At some point you have to just stop chasing your tail. If you talk SSB the majority of the time any of these radio's will drift, some more then others. When you get 4 or more people on the same channel you might end up moving the clarifier so most of them sound ok. If you get long winded and...
  14. 9C1Driver

    Icom ic718 new $200.00 selling on Ebay

    If you search E-Bays completed listings for Icom 718 you can see this auction has ended at $200. Something must be up though, when you click on it a message says the listing is missing.
  15. 9C1Driver

    307 Amps?

    A group of us were talking local in NE Indiana last week, we talked to him on 36 LSB. I am now curious myself. I wish he could do a nice filtered class AB amplifier. Someone e-mailed him and I think he either just adds a delay to a class C box or maybe he does the class B with a delay.
  16. 9C1Driver

    Adding an rfx75 to Cobra 29 XLR

    Adding a KL-203 would be a simple cost effective way to get more power. http://www.88radio.com/RM-Italy-Ampifier/RM-Italy-KL-203 If the radio transmits fine I would not do a mosfet conversion/mod. The only time that makes sense is if you have a blown final and the original finals cannot be...
  17. 9C1Driver

    Modulation Meters

    A scope is the only real way to check modulation. That feature on a watt meter I think is just their for those that love to watch the needle dance. Even one that might be set up right will be ballpark at best.
  18. 9C1Driver

    Adding an rfx75 to Cobra 29 XLR

    There are quite a few video's on youtube about this.
  19. 9C1Driver

    FS: Silver Streak 250 Amp 2x2290

    If you click on his name it will say, Last seen on Feb 4 2022. This means he has not been on this form for 4 months. You might get lucky and he will see your post but don't count on it.
  20. 9C1Driver

    TNT 350 vs.Texas Star 350hdv?

    I would get on Facebook and look for 307 Amplifiers, Hopper Built or Carl Built amplifiers. You can explain what radio you have, what modes you like to talk on (AM,FM,SSB), and what the power output of your radio is when the RF power is all the way down. Then these amp builders can tell you...