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  1. Jay Mojave

    is this worth building

    5 Miles at CB Frequencies is 43 dB attenuation. The diagram is all most correct, the series resistor needs to approx 3.1 K Jay in the Grate Mojave Desert
  2. Jay Mojave

    MARK Sidewinder 46 ssb base service documents

    Hello All: The SSB 27 was a tube SSB only, 6 channel radio that almost put out 20 watts. The next radio was the SSB46, I don't know how close they were to each other never looked at that. These radios were made in the mid west, by DynaScan or Dyna something same group that made the cobra...
  3. Jay Mojave

    Share your useful testing apps, I'll start

    Yeah a great subject. A quick and easy way to verify the audio amplifier circuit in a radio is to touch the center pin on the volume control, if you hear a hum or noise this verifies the audio circuit is working. Try not to touch any thing else in a tube radio as high voltages are in there. I...
  4. Jay Mojave

    Reclaim LSB 16

    Continued from post #11: SSB contacts from all over the country on CH16 LSB were easy and all over. Maybe SSB had fewer stations then. But a lot of fun. A Johnson Messenger 350 and a Palamor 150 amp was such a joy operate on Dads Boat, during slow work times. I keep an ear out on CH16 LSB and...
  5. Jay Mojave

    Reclaim LSB 16

    Yeah all good stuff. In the late 1960's Dear ol Dad bought a WWll army crash boat, converted into a tuna fishing boat. It had old WWll radio equipment and such, loran, automatic direction finder, manual direction finder and more. Some of this stuff was old and wore out. Dad replaced the manual...
  6. Jay Mojave

    Reclaim LSB 16

    I will try to be there, yeah the old days. Use to slide down 5, 10, and even 15Kc from CB 16 oh the memories.
  7. Jay Mojave


    I had a PM3 100 Amp unit and it ran my 4 pill Messenger 3 just fine. But probably not the 8 pill Amp. Jay in the Grate Mojave Desert
  8. Jay Mojave

    Base Unknown aluminum antenna

    The first posting photos shows a never seen by me, CB antenna of some foreign type. It copied the Hy Gain type base assembly, using a two point mount. As the single point mounted base antennas broke off very easily. Surly there many antennas not popularizes that fadded Into opsecurity. The...
  9. Jay Mojave

    Please pray for my wife

    Prayers sent
  10. Jay Mojave

    my usual yearly firearm gift to me from me

    The reason we shoot a 88 Mag is because they don't make a 89 Mag, yet. While travelling in Montana / Wyoming a few months ago had to stop and clear off the wind shield of the truck, there was a bunch of guys getting ready to go deer hunting unloading horses and packing them up. I walked over and...
  11. Jay Mojave

    Channel Guard posting were is it?

    Thank you greatly appreciated, looked in everything except CB Radio swap. Jay in the Grate Mojave Desert.... startin to get a little warm
  12. Jay Mojave

    Channel Guard posting were is it?

    Hellon All: Just the other day saw a guy selling new type Channel Guard IF Filters, just like the ones sold by CBC. Were is the posting seems this site is user hostile to super CB'ers. Jay in the Grate Mojave Desert
  13. Jay Mojave

    What makes the BIRD 43 the "go-to" Wattmeter ???

    I want my meter to go all the way over. Jay in the Grate Mojave Desert
  14. Jay Mojave

    What makes the BIRD 43 the "go-to" Wattmeter ???

    Wow aint dat a coinsdance, the same watt meters I have, and yeah my Dad used his Drake W4 with his Contex 500 linear Amp back in the 60's and 70's. I picked a Transel meter off e-bay years and yeas ago. Back in the 60's only a few watt meters were available and there quality was not as good as...
  15. Jay Mojave

    Power line noise with my dads A99 and 980SSB?

    Hello tchr01: Gee whiz never heard that type of noise before. If its not coming from the house after the battery test, might want to drive around the neighbor hood and sniff around and see what you can pick up. We had frying bacon power line noise come in one day but it was varying in signal...
  16. Jay Mojave

    ISO: Maverick 250 pics, underside

    Hello Nomadradio: Thanks for the input here greatly appreciated. Jay in the Great Mojave Desert
  17. Jay Mojave

    ISO: Maverick 250 pics, underside

    Hello Nomadradio: What voltages are needed to bias the driver tubes do you think? Thanks for any help here. Jay in the Great Mojave Desert
  18. Jay Mojave

    Base Vector 4K high swr

    Hello Robalo: Ok your description is a little thin. Hard to help out with just one photo. What are the holes in the tubing, are from wear and tear?. Can you give us more info as to what is was doing and when the VSWR was moving around. Jay in the Great Mojave Desert
  19. Jay Mojave

    Hello I want to use my new oscilloscope, but i have questions

    I went back and tried the wire wrapped around the coax, it didn't work on bare foot power but did work on dead key 150 watts. Had the scope on 5 Mv scale and was able to seen the envelope and carrier. This method had approx a 80dB isolation factor which isolates the scope from harmful input to...
  20. Jay Mojave

    Hello I want to use my new oscilloscope, but i have questions

    A simple way to see your transmitted signal is to wrap a single wire around the coax say 4 to 10 turns and connect the scope leads to the wire ends. This isolates any direct damaging rf energy going to the scope. Using slower sweep time you should see the AM RF Signal Envelop, the carrier and...