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    Beyond confused

    As stated above, many on the CB side swear by the 1/2 wavelength, although based on your posts on this and other forums in the past I am sure you are aware of that and simply mistyped. What happens to the tune if you use a barrel connector and add a two or three foot jumper? Optionally you can...
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    Response to Alabama Buckeye from another thread

    Yep, thats the world we live in, unfortunately. You could also say that a lie spreads half way around the world before the truth straps on its boots. The problem with this is, people also tend to believe whatever they hear first and disregard the rest. I don't think its necessarily an...
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    Response to Alabama Buckeye from another thread

    Thank you. Yes, he is trying to help others, or at least that is how it appears to me, which is mostly why I am spending so much time trying to explain things to him. I don't think he understands how wrong some of the things he is putting out actually are, and I don't blame him. As sad as it...
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    Response to Alabama Buckeye from another thread

    I wonder what would happen if I modeled this, it looks similar to a 4nec2 model with information added... Well, it appeared to have been a 4nec2 model but its not. Under closer inspection it appears to have been drawn in some photo editing program. Anyway, I matched the colors up for ease of...
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    Base A99 Height question

    Fair enough, at least for the ground rod discussion I will agree with this, with the caveat that if there are codes in your area and you are subject to inspection, follow the codes so you don't get dinged, which was the only real point I was trying to make in the first place. Aside from that...
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    Base A99 Height question

    Grounding option 2, for use when bedrock won't let you put the ground rod in straight down. In such a case, you want to put the 8 foot ground rod in as straight as possible, and still approaches bedrock. If bedrock is at least 8 feet below where the ground rod is placed there is no need to...
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    Base A99 Height question

    You did say you are "blathering" here so... I would like to know where you got this idea, I've not heard anyone say this before. Also, for anyone subject to inspections, I highly recommend checking the National Electric Code 250.53(G) (in the states, or whatever is used where you live) and go...
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    need input weather 1/2 or 5/8 wave

    Does an N connector have less loss than a PL-259? Yes. Is there enough of a difference that you will ever notice it at CB band? No. In the video six-Shooter linked above, and in other tests I've seen, even after stringing several PL-259/SO-239's together, and in the case of the video above...
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    New Italy's Collinear Antenna for 27 mhz 10,40 meter lenght

    That radiation pattern reminds me of some of the vector models from back in the day. Its not exact, but I recall some of my models having little to no high angle radiation, and most of said radiation was in a low angle lobe. And it wasn't every model, just some of them. The shown...
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    better match lower watts

    That is something that most people never notice, but yes, your power meter will read higher power levels in that situation. That is actually normal. On the CB side, many golden screwdrivers noticed that if they have a high SWR, that the power meter reads higher. This has been used by many to...
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    back on the astroplane

    Here is a link to one of ghz24's posts with a modifiable model for the astroplane. As I recall it wasn't the correct dimensions, but most of the dimensions were changeable, so it should be a good starting point. It works with the 4nec2 software...
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    back on the astroplane

    There was a thread created by ghz24 I think that had several models that were adjustable, the ap was one of them. I have made some for myself in the past as well, I'll look to see if I still have any of them backed up if you need one. Ghz and my models are for the 4nec2 software. The DB
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    Yes and no. Lets start with the no. It is common knowledge that if the load does not match the impedance of the feed line, then as you travel up said feed line X and R will change. Where a lot of people go wrong is they assume that just because X and R are changing along the length of the...
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    Base Signal Engineering DPX-2000A

    Loading coils are one way of matching said antenna, but not the only way. Any form of impedance matching that can convert the feed point impedance of said antenna to a 50 ohm resonant load will work to match said antenna. In the case of this antenna, a loading coil is just one way to...
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    Mobile Best Mobile antenna coil position

    The logic I've never seen anyone use is the logic based on DC resistance. You seemed to think that all of my argument was based on materials, yet you actually missed the important part. Strangely my statements on materials was more of a side story yet you seem to think it is the end all and...
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    Mobile Best Mobile antenna coil position

    I see your logic now. Its a different way of looking at it than I have ever seen anyone use before... When working with DC, what you are saying makes perfect sense. Further, to some degree, some of that actually translates to what is happening on the antenna itself, even though the signal...
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    Mobile Best Mobile antenna coil position

    The context of my post was clear, I was referring to 1/4 wavelength antennas, not shortened antennas. When you take a full length 1/4 wavelength antenna of a given diameter, and compare it with a full length 1/4 wavelength of another diameter, the wider diameter full length 1/4 wavelength...
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    Mobile Best Mobile antenna coil position

    The problem with both claiming it is "more efficient" while at the same time having a "broader bandwidth" is larger diameter antennas gain their additional bandwidth by sacrificing efficiency. In this case you simply can't have both at once. Its simply the nature of how said antennas work...
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    Base Workman M400 Starduster

    As this is a direct feed design that does not require a special matching circuit, this antenna should be able to handle whatever the components of the antenna system itself can handle. The biggest weakness when it comes to power handling is likely either the coax feeding it or the connector...
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    102" whip vs the rest

    Good article, but there is nothing in it that hasn't been discussed and modeled by Marconi and I on this forum at CB frequencies in the past. The DB