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  1. Riverman

    Amp That Does NOT Make SWR Rise

    Agree. (y) Past experience: No amp - SWR 1.1 KL 203 (100 watts) - 1.1 Old eBay amp (100 watts) - 1.7
  2. Riverman

    6 Meters is OPEN

    Cool. Thanks!
  3. Riverman

    6 Meters is OPEN

    Gary, For those of us who don’t know, can you explain the following column headings? DXCC ITU CQ SPOTTER Thanks, Jim
  4. Riverman

    Its time to get out of radio

    What’s up, Bobby? I come and go in the hobby but never expected you‘d leave. You’re one of the main spokes in this wheel called WWDX.
  5. Riverman

    For Sale: Browning Golden Eagle Mark III

    Your sales pitch worked like a charm! Thanks! (y)
  6. Riverman

    For Sale: Browning Golden Eagle Mark III

    $650. (Bottomed out and trending upwards. Take a look on ebay and you’ll see why. Twice the price and you don’t know what you’re getting.) Next stop: $700. :giggle:
  7. Riverman

    Wilson 5K Magmount on metal table problems

    As Recon suggested, I would stand the table on its end, making it taller, so that the antenna coil is above the ledge. And would move the table to the left so it is farther from the wall (or chimney) on the right. In other words, get the base of the antenna in the clear as best you can. Or...
  8. Riverman


    I think only the Imax changed. A local here bought an A99 a month ago and nothing was different about it.
  9. Riverman

    Whatever Happened To . . . .?

    It appears you’re right, Ed. :( I just discovered the following on his home page. ”RIP Leo!!! You will be missed.” —BJ radionut
  10. Riverman

    Whatever Happened To . . . .?

    357magnum? Last seen July 29, 2021.
  11. Riverman

    Another GoodWill find

    I don’t think they do consignments. I believe they only sell donated items. Will let you know if I decide to donate it to them. :giggle:
  12. Riverman

    Another GoodWill find

    Thinking about dropping my Browning off at the local outlet. It’s just a mile down the road. I think a lot of CB’ers shop there. One lucky one will make the find of a lifetime. :giggle:
  13. Riverman

    10 Meter Aluminum Rotatable Dipole

  14. Riverman

    For Sale: Browning Golden Eagle Mark III

    Thanks, Chris. Forgot to mention that. When HF is selected rather than CB, it will receive from 27.285 to 27.595.
  15. Riverman

    Looking to buy compact 10 meter

    President Richard. :giggle: https://cbradiomagazine.com/president-richard-am-fm-50-watt-10-meter-export-radio/
  16. Riverman

    Back to Wolf River!

    Not sure there is better overall HF antenna when space, convenience, expense and performance are considered. Wolf River Mini Coil (10-40 meters) 102” steel whip 16.5” wire radial (just one) Work light stand from Lowes The black paracord running to the ground was installed for support against...