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  1. Crawdad

    Great video on how waves and antennas work

    Good stuff, ain't it? And deserved a bump anyway.
  2. Crawdad

    Getting the ticket

    I also was was wary of the formality compared to 11m but havent really found it. I have found very little formality, just a level of respect and etiquette that keeps things working well. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it all works without the need of the Frequency Police that the...
  3. Crawdad

    Getting the ticket

    Not that I'm a huge ARRL fan, but I used their study website and found it made taking the exam quite easy. All 243 questions in the Tech Exam question pool were there, written exactly as you'll see them on the exam. I found that helpful. The exam was a breeze after taking 2 or 3 practice exams...
  4. Crawdad

    Beyond confused

    One must never ignore a perfectly good myth when in pursuit of the Magical, Mystical 1:1 and all of the Mythical goodness it brings. Here's wishing that RF would propagate as well as the myths do. No F2 layer required.
  5. Crawdad

    West Mountain CLRdsp ClearSpeech DSP Noise

    Welcome to the forum sir. You could try posting a Wanted To Buy in the Swap Shop. 73
  6. Crawdad

    FS: New Cobra 29 LTD

    Hard to believe no one's snapped this up yet. Perfect for running through an amp. Brad's stuff is ALWAYS super clean and mint. Anything he sells is always a great buy.
  7. Crawdad

    Astatic Silver Eagle wiring

    Those schematics under the baseplate don't always survive the years so I posted one just in case. White is definitely audio out. They musta been grounding the pin with the red wire to switch the radio to TX. Best of luck and enjoy your SE. 73
  8. Crawdad

    Astatic Silver Eagle wiring

    Welcome to the forum wtice. Here is the schematic. Hope it helps. 73
  9. Crawdad

    Newbee w/ D-104 T-UG9 Question

    No, the old caps did not keep the mic from supplying audio but it was at reduced levels. After recapping, a new pot and and new transistors (supplied by my good friend Night Thumper/Brad, along with a really sharp component tester) the mic works great with very nice audio reports. I also...
  10. Crawdad

    Newbee w/ D-104 T-UG9 Question

    For anyone out there looking for Astatic mic schematics this site has most if not all: http://www.barovelli.com/projects/radio/radioastatic.htm
  11. Crawdad

    Response to Alabama Buckeye from another thread

    Even a minimal understanding, which is all I could claim, will tell you that most of the advertised gain figures are a bit too good to believe. Especially the ones that don't bother telling us dBi or dBd. When the advertised gain of a omni-directional vertical approaches those of directional...
  12. Crawdad

    Newbee w/ D-104 T-UG9 Question

    I believe the amplifier/impedance matching board will contain several electrolytic caps as well as ceramic disc's that will probably be well out of tolerance by now. All the caps in my 1980 TUP9 Silver Eagle were all well out of tolerance. As usual Nomad is correct. The TUG9 stand was designed...
  13. Crawdad

    To vee up or vee down

    https://www.qsl.net/kk4obi/Center-fed%20V-dipoles%20Horizontal.html Has some good info on "Vs"
  14. Crawdad

    Does anyone remember "Duck and Cover"?

    Us Boomers were supposed to use those too.......
  15. Crawdad

    Does anyone remember "Duck and Cover"?

    The gentleman that built (early 60s) and owned the house before us had designed a bomb shelter into the basement. It was mine and my brother's playroom when I was in the 1st grade. If the bomb had dropped we'd have had plenty of trains, slot cars, Erector sets and Lincoln Logs to play with...
  16. Crawdad


    Wally, Your wife has already made her choice and it doesn't seem to be you and her and your future together. If it did the deadbeat addict would not be calling Mommy for help yet again. She would have told him to piss off long before now. You have a choice to make, either stand up for you or...
  17. Crawdad

    tm 9000g kenwood mods?

    Saying help me, help me followed by f*** you isn't terribly effective. Just sayin
  18. Crawdad

    10 meter is very quiet?

    The SSB portion has been pretty slow in my neck of the woods for several weeks now. Only sporadic domestic traffic mostly in the evening. The part I enjoy most, International DX has dried up. C'mon Sun, work with us here!
  19. Crawdad

    10 meter is very quiet?

    Especially for first ever! Well done.