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  1. pro151

    If your 128 pill amp isn't enough........

    **These units are for industrial, scientific, medical, or export use only.
  2. pro151

    TYT TH-9000 manual needed

  3. pro151

    No More RadioactiveRadio's

    I heard somewhere that Mike and Bozo had a falling out.
  4. pro151

    Google Earth Pro is now free.

    Go get it now. http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/2015/01/google-earth-pro-is-now-free.html
  5. pro151

    Shack update.

    Nice. Very nice. But the next time I see pics, I expect to see those cords cleaned up and in some type of cable tray. :-)
  6. pro151

    Merry Christmas To all forum members

    Merry Christmas UTC time!
  7. pro151

    Another "Probe" among us

    Excellent! Welcome to the newest way in your life to spend money. :ROFLMAO:
  8. pro151

    Chat Window

    Ebay at the top is fine. Tide ad by AdChoices at the bottom is a bother.
  9. pro151

    damn i sure do miss using tapatalk for this forum

    I just signed in from my Galaxy Note 3 running Dolphin browser. Works like a charm! Especially with the amount of screen real estate you get with the Note 3.
  10. pro151

    BaoFeng GT-3 Mark II

    I have one and it works great. 5W output is handy. Some people just don't like the Chinese radios, but you can't beat the price and the performance is acceptable. I am running 2 UV5R radios with an MFJ duplexer and a chines controller for a repeater inside the house with no problems.
  11. pro151

    TYT TH-9800.

    I will as soon as we get to try programming from a laptop. Installed it on Sunday, got to talk on it a little on the way home from work today. Got good reports on the sound quality going down the highway with the windows down and mud tires singing on my 87 Toyota. That was a large concern to me...
  12. pro151

    TYT TH-9800.

    Just installed one of these and was wondering if anyone had fooled with the software to allow laptop programming of the radio.
  13. pro151

    Note to the Admins

    Some people don't take hints well at all. :ROFLMAO:
  14. pro151

    Note to the Admins

    I'm taking odds on how long before this thread turns to shit and has to be locked. :rolleyes: CB shop preferences are like Alabama vs Auburn football.
  15. pro151

    Screw Electricity !!!

    What did he just say? ^^^^^^^^^
  16. pro151

    Screw Electricity !!!

    Thanks for taking up my slack CKW. Just now got home and logged in to reply to Mudfoot. :-)
  17. pro151

    New old Ham or old new ham?

    Whatever......,back in it after a 30+ year absence. My son wanted to get into the Amateur side and wanted me to get back into with him so here I am. KB4RMA. Technician to start, not sure if I will go any higher or not. Brad (my son) (KM4DUK) however is going all the way and shooting for Extra...
  18. pro151

    Screw Electricity !!!

  19. pro151


    Good, solid radio. No bells and whistles. Got one that is still original and still works fine when I fire it up.